T- Series VS Pewdiepie: A Unique Conflict


Erica Crider, Staff Writer

Recently, the showdown of two huge YouTubers has taken place. Pewdiepie, the content creator with 70.2 million subscribers, has conquered the YouTube game. Pewdiepie is the first to surpass the 70 million mark, making him the king of YouTube. I’ve known of the name Pewdiepie since 2011 when he first started. Pewdiepie started his channel in September of 2011 and within a year his channel gained 1 million subscribers! He started off as a video gamer, but after gaining millions of subscribers, he started to switch up his content. From meme reviews to reaction videos, or video game compilations, Pewdiepie has created quite a bit of original content. With his subscriber count rapidly rising, Pewdiepie never fails to introduce yet another hilarious topic for a video.

Now, up next is the channel T-Series. This is a channel that primarily uploads music videos and movie trailers. They’ve had multiple breakthrough albums and popular musical hits that have blown up in Asia. In February of 2017, T-Series became the most viewed channel on YouTube, trumping Pewdiepie’s channel visits. The business was founded in 1983 and has been growing ever since. However, the founder of this company was murdered in 1997. The company was soon passed down to the son of the deceased company owner. Now, T-Series is a thriving YouTube channel that is rapidly gaining subscribers, starting one of the biggest battles in YouTube history.

Personally, when I heard that T-Series was going to pass Pewdiepie in subscribers, I became defensive over Pewdiepie’s fandom and channel. Everyone has always known Pewdiepie as “the king of YouTube,” so it was odd to even consider someone else taking his place. The fact that I didn’t even know who T-Series was before this whole controversy started caused me to question how the heck this was happening. Apparently, T-Series is a Bollywood music industry. I can’t wrap my head around how this channel could possibly surpass Pewdiepie. I mean, I’ve never even heard of this channel in my entire life! According to a few articles I read, T-series is the most subscribed to from the Asian ethnicity, but the most unsubscribed to by the English-speaking people.

Even though I’m not a huge Pewdiepie fan, I’d definitely take his side over an unknown channel’s side. Out of curiosity, I’ve watched a couple T-series videos and they aren’t even in English and the rhythm of the songs is not my cup of tea. This channel is not supported by America, but it is conquering Asia very rapidly. Coming from a supportive side, I can see why people enjoy this account’s content. Some people prefer to have daily posts from YouTubers, but I find that quite hard to achieve on the daily. I personally can’t stay updated with the posts! Imagine having to film for hours! I wouldn’t be able to do it. Likewise, the fact that Pewdiepie and T-Series post daily may support the reason for the amount subscribers that they have currently.

Pewdiepie has worked so hard every day and I find it hard to accept the fact that he might have to pass his crown down to an industry. I feel that this one-man job he’s been portraying for 5 years should continue. With so many growing influencers, I find that many of them deserve their growing subscriber count, like Shane Dawson. Similar to Pewdiepie, Shane works so hard to produce documentaries. The audience sees how hard that these guys work and through this, they subscribe! In my opinion, that is drastically more rewarding than gaining subscribers because of the support of an industry. Self-work should always be promoted, instead of going unrecognized.

I know that I’m not the only one who doesn’t want Pewdiepie to lose this battle. Another highly subscribed to YouTube channel spoke out about this. Let me tell you, this was a big announcement. Mr. Beast (the YouTube channel) went around his town in North Carolina and paid companies to advertise Pewdiepie’s channel. Fortunately, the billboards and car banners benefited the king of YouTube! He is now currently in the lead with 70.2 million subscribers while T-Series currently has 70 million subscribers. The chances of Pewdiepie staying at the top are pretty slim, however. I just don’t see this competition going much further. In the YouTube community, people always surpass each other, but this is a big deal considering that this is the most subscribed to channel in the world!

Pewdiepie was going to have to give up his throne at some point, but I just didn’t expect it to come so soon. As a YouTube user, I always knew that Pewdiepie was the most popular YouTuber out there. I think he’s hilarious and provides great content, so it sucks to think that he’s going to get beaten by a YouTube channel that isn’t even known that well in America. I wish that Pewdiepie’s competitor would be well-known in America so it’s actually more of a competition since their audiences would be similar.

YouTube is truly an amazing platform that allows people to create content, but there’s always going to be someone better in the industry. The only question that remains now is, will it be Pewdiepie or T-Series?