There is a Crisis at the Border
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There is a Crisis at the Border

Chloe Boxer, Editor in Chief

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On Friday, February 15, President Donald Trump signed an executive order to declare a national emergency at the southern U.S.-Mexico border. His primary intention in declaring the national emergency was to receive funding for his controversial border wall, money Congress has repeatedly refused to allocate to border security.

President Trump was completely correct in his declaration of a national emergency at the border. When you look at the numbers, it becomes extremely difficult to deny the chaos ensuing at the southern border. Without a border, we have no country – and President Trump understands that, while Democrats, and even a handful of Republicans, simply refuse to acknowledge the humanitarian crisis taking place.

Anyone who claims there is no crisis at the border is lying to the American people and themselves. The U.S. Border patrol has reported that, from the beginning of October to the end of February of this year, they have already made “approximately 271,147 arrests” at the southern border. According to DHS Secretary Kiersten Nielsen, “the number of illegal border crossovers more than tripled in April 2018 compared to April of 2017.” Over 70,000 Americans died of drug overdoses in 2017. 90% of heroin is trafficked across the southern border, and 300 people are dying each week as a result of this travesty. According to the White House, in the last two years, 4,000 criminal illegal aliens were arrested for homicides, 30,000 for sex crimes, and 100,000 for violent assaults. If this is truly a “manufactured” crisis, then what does a real crisis even look like?

Before Donald Trump was elected, Democrats, including former President Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, have said, on record, that illegal immigration is immoral, and the U.S. must protect their borders. However, now that President Trump is in the White House, a man they despise far more than the criminals pouring into the country, they have changed their tune and claim there is no crisis and preach open borders.

This country has ridiculous, even stupid laws when it comes to immigration and citizenship. They encourage people from all around the world to come here illegally. No other country in the world has the “anchor babies” law, a post-Civil War law designed to protect freed slaves and their children, not illegal immigrants and citizens of faraway countries. The immoral “catch and release” law allows illegal immigrants arrested for crimes to never face retribution for their actions; instead, they disappear into the United States, never to be heard from again. Chain migration brings thousands of large extended families to this country, and it often begins with an anchor baby born on U.S. soil.

Congress won’t change these laws. The American people have heard it for decades, particularly from Democrats – “we need comprehensive immigration reform.” Well, part of this “comprehensive immigration reform” is getting rid of stupid rules that permit and encourage illegal aliens to enter this country by the millions. These laws allow illegal immigrants to game the system, and they stain the hard-working immigrants who come to this country legally, the proper way.

California’s sanctuary state status protects illegal immigrants over the innocent, law-abiding citizens of the state. It protects people who kill innocent women like Kate Steinle and new fathers like Officer Ronil Singh. The law protects them, and no one in power is willing to do anything about it because of one thing – votes.

Almost all the poor people who come here from impoverished South American nations would register as Democrats, because Democrats support free everything and social welfare programs that benefit the poor, and in an alarming amount of cases, the illegal. Democrat politicians won’t do anything about immigration because they would lose voters. It’s all about political power. Not the people dying, being murdered, being raped. Democrats in Congress no longer care about the American people, and innocent civilians are dying as a result of their poorly implemented and outright dangerous policies.

President Trump has the best interest of the American people in his heart, and nothing about that is racist or evil. It’s pure common sense, something the Democrats are entirely devoid of. His veto is not about his re-election in 2020, it is about the security of this country. The Senate Republicans who voted against his declaration of a national emergency should be ashamed of themselves. Their vote against President Trump’s national emergency was a vote for open borders – and without borders, we have no country.

“Comprehensive immigration reform” is not enough, and it will never be enough. After decades of nothing but superficial talk in Congress, this country has a President ready to attack one of the most pressing issues of this lifetime – and if that comes with a wall, then so be it.

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