Trump Continues to Battle Election Results In Court Despite Lack of Evidence of Voter Fraud


Brock Adams, Staff Writer

As a result of the 2020 presidential election, most major news organizations including, but not limited to AP, CNN, Fox News, NPR, and BBC have called the race for President-Elect Joe Biden. We are now over 13 days since election night and Trump still shows no sign of conceding the race. The Trump administration is currently launching lawsuit after lawsuit in several swing states such as Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, Arizona, and Pennsylvania, in the attempt to prove that wide-scale voter fraud influenced the results of the election. This leaves one major question to ask: Does Trump still have a chance?

To answer this question briefly, yes. Trump has every right to challenge the results of the election in court which has the possibility of overturning the results of the election; however, this is essentially a Hail Mary throw at the end of regulation. The pressing issue facing the Trump administration’s legal battles is the lack of pure evidence demonstrating wide-scale voter fraud. Several of the lawsuits filed by the Trump Campaign have already been dismissed by the courts as they were founded on rumors and unidentified sources. The Trump campaign did, however, find four potential instances of voter fraud in the state of Georgia, where the margin separating Biden and Trump is a marginal 14,155 votes. Although four votes may seem insignificant, the Trump legal team is suggesting that these four may hint towards a larger issue of illegal votes being counted in Georgia. These instances of potential fraud are a case of pronounced dead citizens voting in the past elections and were discussed at length on the Fox News program “Tucker Carlson Tonight”. During the show, host Tucker Carlson identified two of the alleged dead voters by the names James Blalock and Linda Kesler as the graphic in bold letters read “YES, DEAD PEOPLE DID VOTE IN THE ELECTION”. These two instances of voter fraud have since been proven false, even after the President himself tweeted out the potential fraud of James Blalock.

James Blalock did in fact pass away 14 years ago, after serving in WWII and working as a mailman in the U.S Postal Service. His 97-year old wife is still alive and was interviewed about the potential vote cast in her husband’s name. She explained that it was she who voted in the election using her married name, Mrs. James Blalock Jr. Her vote was registered, cast, and counted completely legally. In the case of Linda Kesler who passed away in 2003, it was in fact a different Linda Kesler who cast the ballot in Georgia. This has hurt the narrative of the Trump campaign as their lawsuits continue to be disregarded due to evidence being disproven. Georgia will have a hand-counted recount of all votes, but even if Trump miraculously wins the state of Georgia it will be all for nothing as Biden has won Pennsylvania by a sizable margin that is not slim enough to warrant a recount.

The Trump campaign has launched its own fundraising website in which supporters are encouraged to donate in the attempt to help fund the legal battles that are ensuing. The fine print on the website states that 60% of the funds will go towards paying off the campaign debt and expenses accumulated by the Trump campaign team. Trump has previously stated that he would not use supporters’ money to fund his campaign as he claimed to be funding it on his own, but it now appears that they are simply misleading supporters into donating money to a cause they are not entirely aware of.

As of now, all indications point towards a Biden inauguration on January 20th, 2021. Trump continues to lose more and more court cases in key states as he faces the same exact electoral deficit Hillary Clinton did in 2016. The Republican party has yet to abandon President Trump, which means that the only thing left to do is wait.

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