A Review on Got7’s new Album and the Controversy Around It



Alana Jollevet, Staff Writer

Fans who are often referred to “Aghasas” have been waiting for Got7’s comeback since the group’s hit song, Not By The Moon. It could be said that Got7 did not disappoint this time around. However, that could not be said for the group’s record company, JYPEntertainment. Aghasas have been calling for the company’s owner Park JinYoung (JYP) to promote the group better for quite a years ago. This controversy occurred during the Breath of Love era. Currently, it seems as if JYP does not have any substantial plans to promote the group’s comeback, which many believe JYP’s “half-stepping” results from his reluctance to allow the group members to write and compose their own songs. Previously these functions were done by JYP. The question remains whether this due to jealousy or just a case of micro-managing.

Many Aghasas felt a brief amount of joy when news broke out the Got7 members were plastered on billboards across Seoul, South Korea. However, that joy quickly disappeared once fans realized that all they were getting was a window dressing in the form of billboards, posters, and video clip teasers for their latest title track, Last Piece. As a result, one of the group’s members, who goes by the name Mark, began releasing his own version of the album’s photo opportunities and teasers on his personal Instagram page. 

I believe that Got7’s comeback was spectacular but as a hardcore fan, I might be biased. The members really out-did themselves this era and it was very much appreciated. Let’s start with the song Breath, which was the album’s pre-release that was both written and composed by group member Youngjae. I can without a doubt say that this is one of my favorite songs on the album. Breath has that “Youngjae” sound that is recognizable to another song written by Youngjae called “Aura” off of the group’s last mini-album, Dye. The chorus followed by the whistling really sets up the vibe that was brought with the rest of the album. The next song, Last Piece, which not only was the title track but was also written and composed by JB, Got7’s leader. While this song was not exactly my favorite, I would still listen to it and watch the video on repeat. The lyrics, as well as the choreography really made the song. Born Ready, a song that was partly written and composed by Mark, contains a soft upbeat sound with the repeating chorus of “Born ready, Born ready, here I go, here I go” contemplates the style of which the group was going for, but with a little more “Mark” to it as with every song he has written. Special, the song written and composed by group member Jackson contains his own iconic upbeat sound. The song Wave written and composed by group member Jinyoung is easily my favorite song by far on this whole album. I love listening to this mellow while relaxing in my room alone. This song also features group member BamBam’s iconic lyrical line “Double B” – a  feature that Bambam’s incorporates in a great number of songs. This next song, Waiting For You was of course written and composed by Bambam. I would say it is easily recognizable as a “Bambam” song because of its heavy autotune sound that is often the main feature on most of his songs. As much as I like Waiting For You, it is properly one of my least favorite songs in this comeback album. While I’ll Do It Now, a song composed and written by group member Yugyeom, has a nice chorus and bridge, it is without a doubt my least favorite on the album. Please don’t get me wrong, it is an amazing song but to me, it is the album’s least memorable piece. 1+1 one of my favorite pieces on this album. While it follows the spirit of the album’s theme, it seems to have that “something something” that makes me want to listen to it all day long; the song really speaks to my heart. Another one of my least favorite sons is I Mean It. While the whispering opening lyrics and chorus are great, something about the beat and pre-chorus is not very pleasing to me. The last song on this album, We Are Young also ranks as one of my favorite pieces that I like to listen to while studying. It has a very soft tone and vibe than the other songs on this album and once again it is one of my favorites of the album. 

While I don’t personally believe that this album is their best, however, I do believe it is one of their best. Most of the songs on this album are just as great as all of them and most definitely have the chance to become just as iconic as their older songs.