Got7 Disbands??

Alana Jollevet, Staff Writer

As rumors earlier this year began to swarm the internet about the group GOT7 disbanding, fans had mixed reactions. This was especially after there seemed to be some major drama between the group and their record company, JYP Entertainment (JYPE); with Park Jin Young, the head of the company unfollowing three members and members on Instagram. As a result, group membersYoungjae and BamBam began deleting every picture evolving JYPE on their Instagram accounts. Many fans were upset by the possibility that the group might break up, but they also wanted to support each member in what they wanted next in their careers. 

Rumors had first surfaced that member Jinyoung would be signing with the acting Agency BH Entertainment, as Soompi news discusses, and the group’s youngest member Yugeom would be signing joint AOMG Entertainment. Jackson is continuing with his own entertainment company called Team Wang, Mark is moving back to L.A. and recently started a YouTube channel, Youngjae has recently signed with Sublime Artist Agency, while BamBam and JB are still in talks with other companies. 

On January 19, JYPE released a statement that each group member would not be resigning their contracts with JYPE. A week or two after these rumors, JYPE confirmed that GOT7 would not be resigning. Amazingly enough for fans, GOT7 is not disbanding, but only leaving the recording company. Thanks to the new South Korean trademark law, JYPE does not own the rights to the name GOT7, and the group can still use its original name. Group members confirmed that the group will remain together, but will take a brief hiatus while they pursue their individual interests. For now, fans are looking forward to supporting each member as they engage in their solo activities. So fear not “Ahgase,” as they are known by their fandom name, will return together in the near future to continue their work as GOT7.