The Tate Influence

Francisco Daniel, Sports Editor

“And I’ll finish with a quote from my later father, My unmatched perspicacity, coupled with sheer indefatigability, makes me a feared opponent in any realm of human endeavor.”-Emory Andrew Tate III. Andrew Tate, a name that swooped the entirety of social media within months, captured people’s attention in a flash. Everybody talks about him from young children to adults of any range. His influence ranged around the world, but was that a good thing?

Andrew Tate proposed the ideas of masculinity and accepting your responsibilities as a man in today’s society. Many people such as, children, agreed with everything he said no matter the tone of how he said it. On the other hand, many people found him offensive, claiming he was a shining star of toxic masculinity.

Though I shared a decent amount of opinions with him, I believe he might not have realized the damage he did to the younger generation of society. His jokes are very subtle, especially when he’s sarcastic. For example, the clip of him talking about what he would do if a male were drowning in front of him. He claimed he wouldn’t give a man CPR because he’s not gay(I can not directly quote him as videos of him are being taken down on the majority of social medial platforms.). Now, people took this seriously and began calling him homophobic.

Soon after, he went on a twitch stream with streamer Adin Ross. One of the topics they covered was, how would you react if you had a gay son. Tate responded, “it wouldn’t bother me. I don’t think I’d really care. It doesn’t matter if he’s straight. Doesn’t matter if he’s gay. As long as he’s got his head screwed on and he’s working hard and he’s living a good life, and he’s doing good things then that’s fine.”As you can see, he explains his opinion on it which happens to be the opposite of homophobic.

Next, the video surrounds him and his ex-girlfriend. In the video, Andrew is recording a front door while a woman screams. People claimed he was beating women. Fortunately, a video made by his ex-girlfriend was released.

“Yes, the woman he has beaten up,” She pretends to quote with her hands. “And the same woman who has made a statement is me, so I’m coming forward for the second time to just clarify, and let everybody know it was nothing, but a sex play. It was consensual foreplay that we liked doing. That I was into. That I wanted. It was not abuse. There was no physical-domestic violence happening. It was a consensual sex play.”

So, how has Andrew Tate influenced society from these two videos and more? The most influential part is easily the younger generation. The kids who are too young to think for them selfs and are immature. Kids are not noticing the difference between a serious Tate and a joking state (unless he’s laughing of course). Unfortunately, this leads children to believe everything he says and take it as the truth.

So, Tate’s influence has so far been described as unsuitable for young people, but what about his influence on every other generation? His influence on adults is reality. To be realistic. Though, what is this realism he speaks of? The ideal example is his own mass ban from social media. It is without a doubt within a private company’s right to ban someone from their website if that person violates something along their terms and conditions. However, what is it that he violated to not just be banned from one website, but to be simultaneously banned on most mainstream platforms?

In the end, Andrew Tate’s being banned was a showcase of how much power social media platforms have gained throughout the years, which is what he wished to show people. Ironically, he appeared on Fox News shortly after and explained how detrimental it is that social media can do such a thing.