MLB Postseason Contenders

Diego Tolossa, Staff Writer

The 2022 Major League Baseball season is winding down, and quite a bit still hangs in the balance as teams try to secure their spots in the playoffs. Seven teams, Dodgers, Astros, Mets, Braves, Yankees, Guardians, and Cardinals have clinched playoff berths in the 12-team bracket, and seven teams are fighting for the final five spots with just one week remaining in the season. The N.L east is the only division coming down to the wire with the braves and the Mets battling it out to see who gets to be in first place in that division. There are two NL wild-card spots up for grabs with the Padres getting close to clinching one of the two spots. The Brewers and the Phillies battle for the last and final playoff spot in the National league.

The American League wild-card spots have the Rays and Blue jays sitting comfortably. However, the Mariners and the Orioles are fighting for the last spot in the AL. 

With the Clinched playoff berths are the Dodgers clinching the NL West with the first-round bye and home-field advantage. The Astros clinched the  AL West with a first-round bye. The Yankees have clinched the AL East with a first-round bye. The Cardinals, Guardians, Mets, and the Braves have all clinched playoff births. 

This is the first year that the MLB has had 12  teams in the playoffs. This adds an extra wild card game in the NL and the AL. Instead off being a one-and-done game it’s now a three-game series. The world series and the League Championship are still the best of seven series with the home field advantage going to the team with the best record in each series. Now if the season ended today the NL would have the Dodgers and the Mets having the first bye round. With one off the wild card rounds, the Braves would play the Padres and the winner of that series would play the Dodgers in the NLDS. The other NL wild-card game would involve the Cardinals and the Phillies playing teacher to see who moves on to the NLDS and they would play the Mets.

The AL would have the Astros and the Yankees in the bye-round. The Mariners would play the Guardians and the winner of that series would play the Yankees in the ALDS. The Rays and the Bluejays would play each other and the winner of that game would play the Astros in the ALDS. Now in the NL wild-card game, the Braves would beat the Padres 2-1 witch the Braves would have the play the number one seed the Dodgers. In the other wild card game, I think that the Phillies would make the upset and beat the cardinals 2-0 and play the Mets. In the AL the Guardians would beat the Mariners 2-1 and play the Yankees in the ALDS. In the other wild card game, the Bluejays are going to beat the Ray 2-1 and play the number one seed in the American League the Astros. In the NL the Dodgers would beat the Braves 3-1 which would take them to NLCS. The Mets would beat the Phillies 3-2. In the American League, the Yankees would beat the Guardians 3-1in the ALDS. Then the Astros would beat the Blue jays 3-0.

The NLCS would have the number one seed (The Dodgers) and the number two seed(The Mets) would play each other and the winner would be the Dodgers 4-3 and they would be moving onto the World series. In the ALCS the number one seed(The Astros) and the number two seed(The Yankees) would play each other The Yankees 4-2 would be victorious and move on to the world series. With the Dodgers and the Yankees having some history in the past, this match-up would be really interesting. With it coming down to the final game of the series the Yankees 4-3 would become the World Series champions.