Spread the Holiday Cheer this Year


Juliette Damian, Staff Writer

Christmas is a special time of year that celebrates the joy of family, presents, gatherings, decorations, and most importantly gift-giving; so spread the holiday cheer this year with the blessing of giving to others. With holiday gifts and food drives, you can make Christmastime easier for those in need, brighten the holiday season, and transform the world into a better place. So it is this time of year that we must think of those who don’t have the means to give gifts, and spread good to everyone.

Why Is It Important?

Participating in gift and food drives is important during the holiday season because it makes this time of year easier for those in need. Many people do not have the luxury to indulge into the act of gift-giving; for homeless families or people with little access to food, the holiday season would rather turn into a season of struggle. Not only that, but we must keep in mind that Christmastime takes place during the coldest and harshest time of the month, leaving impoverished families to suffer without warmth, shelter, and much food. The point of the holidays is to give back, if that means family, friends, community, and those in need; it is a selfless act to give, and it is one of many good things to celebrate in the world today.

Participating in holiday gifts or food drives is not only an act of giving; it is a chance for a better tomorrow and an offer of hope for those in need. So participate today, and make the world a happier place for everyone during this holiday season.

Holiday Gift/ Food Drives to Participate in this Year:

Wondering how you can start making a change this year? Here are a few websites to visit to get you started.

Each year since 1947, the “Marine Toys for Tots Program” has been spreading the holiday cheer. Give to their virtual “Fill the Box” Toy Drive to spread hope this holiday season!

Southern California firefighters come together each year to make Christmas a happier time for everyone. To participate, donate funds or toys through their gift registry. 

The Walt Disney Company has launched a 2022 Toy Drive supporting the Marine Toys for Tots Program. Help this foundation by delivering toys as well as joy to children in need during Christmastime. 


Give today, and change someone’s life tomorrow. Make Christmas a joyous time for everyone this holiday season with your donations in Holiday Gift Drives. Merry Christmas!