Shark Attack

Shark Attack

2017-2018 Staff

Hanna Rauls (12)

Staff Writer and Editor

The 2017-2018 school year is my second year apart of the SHS Shark Attack Newspaper in pursuit of my passion. I currently hold two editing positions on the newspaper: image editor, and news section editor. Working alongside...

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Thomas Cass


Thomas Cass is a sophomore here at Santiago who is friendly, loving, and loves trains. If he is not studying in school or watching the Anaheim Ducks win, he is reading, watching, or looking at trains. He also loves to bring a...

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Gabby Puerner


Gabby Puerner (9) is a freshman at Santiago High School, so this is her first year as a writer for the Shark Attack. When she is not writing, she is practicing with the Santiago JV cheer team. She enjoys makeup, reading,...

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Emma Begley

Staff Writer

Emma Begley (11) is a writer, poetry enthusiast, and activist for human and animal rights, both equally important. She is passionate about her writing and is excited to contribute to the Shark Attack News and share her ideas and...

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Cameron Eli King

Staff Writer

Cameron (12) is currently a Senior at Santiago High School. He enjoys playing the guitar and shooting during his free time. He is enrolled in AFJROTC as a Cadet Captain and participates in the programs Honor Guard team. He...

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Christina Suarez

staff writer

Christina(12)is 17 years old, loves nature, clothes & old things.  She enjoys thrifting, reading, and spending time with people close to her in her free time.  Peace & love.

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Alina Traverso

Staff Writer

Alina Traverso (12) is a first-year writer who enjoys writing articles about movies, the schools art activities such as the fashion show and plays. Outside of journalism, Alina is a very artistic and creative person. She loves...

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Lucas Pari

Staff Writer

Lucas is a freshman at Santiago High School. he enjoys reviews for things like books and video games but mostly movies. Going to the movies is actually one of Lucas' favorite hobbies. When he's not at the movies or at home, you...

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Lauren Bulanek

Staff Writer

Lauren (11) is a staff writer for Santiago High School's news paper. When she's not reporting, you can find her working for Santiago's Gay Straight Alliance as a historian and for The National Society of High School Scholars.

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Jorden Thomas-Jones

Staff Writer

Jorden Thomas-Jones (11) loves to spend her time hanging with friends, eating, and singing at church. Just having finished her term of presidency for our very own Girls Concert Choir, Jones uses her new inheritance of time to...

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Joey Guo

Staff Writer

Joey Guo (12) is a gay student who loves to write about his passions in the Shark Attack. He is a singer and is the President of Santiago High School's Baritone Choir. Relating to music, he also plays the piano and guitar. He...

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Kaitlyn Glass

Editor in Chief

Kaitlyn Glass (12) is a Senior and Editor in Chief of the Shark Attack. This is her fourth and final year contributing to the newspaper. She has a fascination in nature and the human condition. Her plan is to graduate college...

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Madison Schneider

Staff Writer

Madison Schneider(9) is a first year writer in the Shark Attack. She enjoys writing about her opinions and current events. When she is not writing for the newspaper she can be found somewhere else, but to be more specific, she...

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Scar Rodriguez

Staff Writer

Scarlet Rodriguez (10) often known as Scar is a new addition to Santiago's Shark Attack. Scar often enjoys meeting new people, trying tons of new food, and loves photography. You may have some thing in common with Scar, she...

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Shanelle Huynh

Staff Writer

Shanelle Huynh (12) is a new addition to the Shark Attack. In her free time, she loves to read YA novels, write poetry and short stories, and photograph her favorite moments. She is also Editor-in-Chief of the school yearbook...

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Linsey Becerra

Staff Writer

Linsey Becerra (12) is a first-year writer for the shark attack. When I'm not obsessively reading and writing or doing homework, I am spending time with friends and family, hiking and baking.

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Paulina Bui

Student Writer

Paulina Bui (9) is a freshman writer for the Shark Attack paper. She is a fangirl who lives in fandoms and has fictional character baes. She loves to read, write stories, watch anime, and listen to music in her spare time. She...

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Matthew Damian

Staff Writer

Matthew Damian (10) is a Sophomore who loves to write, participate in musicals, play video games, and express his political opinions. He is delighted to contribute to the Shark Attack this year, and is always ready to write about...

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Zoe Liuag

Staff Writer

Zoe Liuag (11) is a first year journalism student that is ecstatic to get the real scoop out to the students, whether the scoop be comedic, serious, informational, tragic, or surprising. Catch her covering Santiago's favorite...

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Laly Arias

Staff Writer

Laly Arias(10) is a sophomore who enjoys to read poetry and write her opinions about life. She enjoys to have welcoming company around her and try new things. When she has spare time she is either resting or hanging out with her...

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Fatimah Dibas

Staff Writer

Fatimah Dibas (9), is a freshman at SHS and you'll almost always see her reading, eating or both. This is her first year as a writer for the Shark Attack and she plans to make the most of it. She is interested in writing and...

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Phoebe Reiter

Staff Writer

Phoebe Reiter (11) is a junior who is fascinated in writing about the world around her- whether it be what's happening at school or in the world. Outside of school, she is both a girl scout and a soccer player- and an avid dog...

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Sophia Hogue

Staff Writer

Sophia Hogue (12) is over the moon to be concluding her high school experience working for the Shark Attack!! Throughout this year, she is committed to covering events that happen on campus and in the lives of Santiago's students....

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Chloe Boxer

Op/Ed Editor

Chloe Boxer (11) is an aspiring political journalist who loves to express her opinions on the topics she is most passionate about - from politics to baseball to crime. She often escapes into the fictional worlds of television...

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