George Salinas: Scholar and Athlete

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George Salinas: Scholar and Athlete

Gabby Puerner, Staff Writer

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Santiago freshman, George Salinas (15), is involved in activities in school and outside of school. He has learned to balance these so he can be successful in all areas, all while being an awesome and caring friend. I interviewed George to get some insight into his busy life about his hobbies, friends, and how he manages his free time.

Are you involved in any clubs at Santiago?

G: Yes, I signed up for LINK crew.

Do you play on a sports team at Santiago?

G: I play on the frosh/soph water polo team.

Are you a part of a sports team outside of school?

G: I play on Arsenal Academy (soccer).

Do these activities affect your school work?

G: Sometimes.

What is your current GPA?

G: A 3.7.

So you manage to keep good grades even with after school activities?

G: Yes, I try.

Do you still have time to hang out with your friends?

G: Yeah.

What are your tips for managing time between school work and hobbies?

G: Don’t procrastinate your school work and complete the assignment.

What are your favorite things about Santiago?

G: Meeting new people and playing water polo.

Do you choose to surround yourself with uplifting and good friends?

G: Yes.

Would you like to shout any of them out?

G: Logan, Kyle, Tyler, Cameron, Kylie, Hannah, Jeslyn, Carina, Cooper, and you.

Awesome. Lastly, what are your favorite things to do when you aren’t doing sports or homework?

G: Hanging out with friends and my family.

Great, thank you!

G: No problem!

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