Kellie Nguyen: Scholar and Yearbookie


Jenna Walters, Staff Writer

Santiago senior Kellie Tuyet-Ngan Nguyen, Katt for short (17), is one of our more well know scholars here at Santiago High School. Katt is involved in multiple clubs and is the copy editor for our wonderful Santiago yearbook. Even with the massive work load that Katt deals with on a regular basis, she has learned to manage it all.

When I interviewed Katt, I asked if there was one thing that she wanted people to know about her, and she told me, “People shouldn’t judge based off how I look, because I’m actually a bubbly person and I’m relatively nice”.

This is the following transcript from the interview, and it was edited for clarity.

Interviewer (Walters): “So what would you say your strengths and your weaknesses are?”

Katt: “Academically: strengths are in math and literature and my weaknesses are in history. But as an individual: strengths are caring for other people, being mature and more independent than most. My weakness as an individual is that I’m really bad at reading my friends’ emotions, and I feel like that limits me from supporting them to best of my ability.”

Interviewer: “How do you think your friends would describe you?”

Katt: “Probably smart, funny, kind but very fragile. Someone who acts strong but isn’t.”

Interviewer: “Are you involved in any clubs at Santiago?”

Katt: “I’m involved in Physics and Chem club.”

Interviewer: “How would you describe your life?”

Katt: “My life is relatively normal. I have a really supportive family and my friends are always there to make me laugh and have fun. I wouldn’t change a lot about it. I feel happy with my life and where it is.”

Interviewer: “How would you describe yourself?”

Katt: “I would describe myself as ‘driven’. I definitely strive to better academically and socially. At the same time I can also be delicate because I have moments when I feel helpless and incompetent, and during those times I have to pause and bring myself back up. So on that note, I’m very independent as well.”

Interviewer: “How do you enjoy yearbook?”

Katt: “I enjoy creating something for the entire school. Theres something special about recording all the events and memories and putting them all together–being apart of that process. It’s involving and unique. Plus, you get to meet all sorts of people on campus and expand social circles.”

Interviewer: “Whats your GPA?”

Katt: “Weighted – 4.667 Unweighted – 4.0.”

Interviewer: “What are your hopes for the future?”

Katt: “For the future I want to live a comfortable life. I want a nice job, preferably as a chemical engineer and just own things that I got with my own money like a house and a car. I want to have a family and just be apart of something bigger than myself.”

Interviewer: “So what’s your take on Santiago?”

Katt: “For the most part, Santiago is definitely a diverse school with a very spirited student body. I definitely appreciate the options that Santiago provides for all interests and makes it easier for students to explore new routes and opportunities.”

Interviewer: “So tell me, how do you manage all of your AP classes?”

Katt: “I really don’t. I’ve taken 4 AP classes Junior and Senior year. It’s not really managing… it’s getting really good at prioritizing and procrastinating. Of course I still get my work done, I just deal with loads of stress every deadline. A proper way to manage would be time management. I kind of just don’t though and do my own thing.”

Interviewer: “If you were to give one piece of advice, what would it be?”

Katt: “Sometimes the world makes you feel small, but sometimes it’s nice to remember that other people in that world love you and will always support you. There’s always so much more to live for than people realize because they can only see what is in front of them. Beyond that there’s a future. Around you there’s support and love. Take a step back and take it all in before you want to give up.”

Interviewer: “What are some of your absolute favorite things to do in your free time?”

Katt: “I like to sleep p,ossibly because I don’t have a lot of time to do so, but at the same time I like to watch TV as well.”

Interviewer: “What are your thoughts on yearbook?”

Katt: “It’s time consuming and tedious, but its still a fun experience, so I don’t hate the class that much.”

Interviewer: “Any final comments before I bring this interview to a close?”

Katt: “No, but thank you for taking the time to interview me!”

Interviewer: “No problem.”