Drake’s New Girl: Too Young?


Alyssa Matthewson, Staff Writer

Rapper and singer Drake has reportedly been found hanging out with a new girl. It seems he’s gotten over Rihanna and Keke, and moved onto 18-year old Bella Harris. When you first hear her name, it most likely doesn’t ring a bell, but, after hearing this, it might. This news has sparked a lot of controversy for Drake – maybe because he’s currently 31-years-old, dating someone thirteen years younger than himself. He’s received a lot of hate regarding this. Fans have reached Bella Harris on all social media, warning her that he will end up breaking her heart. Could she be too young for this Canadian rapper?

Bella Harris graduated high school in June 2018. After hearing this, it seemed a little odd for them to have any sort of connection. However, it’s not. Bella is actually a famous model and has modeled for the OVO fashion campaigns. Drake and Bella have been friends for about a year. She has a very famous background as her family associations are Jimmy Jam (mom), Janet Jackson (godmother), and Kevin Garnett (uncle). Sounds like she’s living the life, literally.

But of course, nobody knows exactly how they met; however, they seem to be happy together, according to their photos. Yes, it is odd knowing the age difference between the two, but, if they’re happy, that’s really all that matters. Yet, the question still remains. Will Bella’s teenage love story come to an end? We’ll just have to wait and see if she ends up heartbroken.

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