Importance of California’s Coast


Kylie Cortez, Staff Writer

The California coast is the spot where the ocean meets the land and makes the place we call home a little better. A location we enjoy so much, but take for granted so often. Stretching 840 miles long, our coast provides beauty, opportunity, good surf, and homes, not only to humans but wildlife. While we tend to dismiss the greatness of our ocean in relation to how often we use it, most people lack the knowledge of its importance here in California. The coast here provides a residence for a vast amount of marine plants and animals in all sectors (Northern, Central, and Southern). It does this by supplying them with a dynamic and diverse oceanic environment. From there, we are able to use its foundation for commercial fishing and other commercial industries. With that set aside, we can also look at the non-commercial society that comes out of it like military training and research, boating, swimming, and other sports. Our demand towards the use of California’s marine environment is growing and it is becoming more desirable as time goes on. With that said, the request for our coastline to be changed by humans increases while our awareness for our destruction decreases greatly.

Living in Corona means a short drive to the beach and a fun-filled day whether it be relaxing or strenuous. We can always rely on the shores near us to be open for our leisure and enjoyment. In fact, the total amount of beach trips to California coasts each year adds up to more than 150 million visits. So, what does that mean for the coast? In reality, we are slowly destroying something we adore so much by being blind to the causes of it. While some things we can’t change ourselves like global warming, we can change the smaller things that still matter. For example, our trash pollution. We dispose of trash into our environment with little thought, but in reality, this will affect marine life, their habitats and can even harm your health. Yet, many carelessly release non-decomposable items into our ocean every day. Sunscreen is another looming threat to our oceans. Although this is somewhat minor and many of us need it for protection, we should use it with care for the fact that it kills our coral and allows them to be bleached, in other words, they die by changing their DNA and blocking UV rays. By being mindful of our actions, we can collaborate as a community to make a difference. Many other simple things can be done to protect a place we love, it just depends on you.

Could you imagine going to the beach, but not being able to enjoy the water? Or what about going to sushi without any raw fish? It might be weird to imagine either, but it may drive your imagination to believe that it could be possible. Maybe it was never brought to your attention that such a beautiful place is becoming so ugly. Maybe you gave the cold shoulder every time the topic was brought up. Even though we may think none of this applies to us, it may find more relevance in your life than you think. If you find interest in conservation, here are steps that could be taken:

  1. Switch to reusable products that avoid packaging and use recycled material.
  2. Be aware of where you throw your trash – don’t let it be on the streets or into bodies of water.
  3. Properly dispose of fishing lines, nets, and hooks.
  4. Use natural or mineral sunscreen which is able to break down in the ocean.
  5. Refuse disposables and reduce, reuse and recycle everywhere daily.

The California coast may not be important to you, but it is important to those around you. It’s important in the way that it provides a small getaway, a place for peace, a location for little worries and a spot for being stoked. It’s important in the way that it shelters the lives of so many and makes human life so care-free. It’s important to the income of our economy and to the jobs it provides. It creates an environment that we all seek to gaze upon for its prepossessing looks. It’s important for the way it naturally works through its currents, temperature, up-welling and climate patterns. But, the reason this place is so important is that of how indispensable it is; we only get one California Coast. Only one unique location that is complex enough to do the things it does in the way that it does. Let’s keep the coast of California Golden.