Disney Conspiracy Theories


Valerie Morales, Staff Writer

‎Disclaimer: None of these theories have been confirmed by Disney. These are theories, not facts.

Are the movies The Little Mermaid, Tangled, and Frozen all in one timeline? In Frozen, it is shown during the coronation scene that two Disney characters have decided to join the festivities. Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder from the Disney movie Tangled. The theory goes that when news broke out that Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder were going to be married, the King and Queen of Arendelle made the decision to attend the wedding. This matches up with the beginning scenes depicting the King and Queen getting on the ship and saying goodbye to their daughters. If you’ve seen Frozen, then the theory comes into play that the ship the King and Queen were on had suffered in a storm, causing the boat to sink. Theorists believe that the boat seen in The Little Mermaid – when Ariel was scavenging around for more collectibles in a wrecked ship at the bottom of the sea – is the same boat that the parents of Elsa and Anna had been on. To add to the theory, three years later at Elsa’s coronation, Rapunzel and Flynn visited Arendelle, as seen in the scene in which the song “For The First Time In Forever” is played.

Is Peter Pan really just an angel sent to take kids to heaven? This theory touches on another Disney classic. One day, two parents left their children alone without their nanny, since the father believed the kids were no longer kids and wanted them to grow up. The house had caught on fire, leaving all of the kids in the house dead. Peter Pan was sent to take these kids to Neverland (heaven), which explains why the kids in Neverland never grew up. It is also believed that all of the lost boys are just other children that were killed.

Is Carl from Up dead the entire movie? What if this movie is more gruesome than we thought? The movie starts with the beautiful love story of Carl and Ellie, and it is shown that Ellie cannot carry a child. That doesn’t stop Carl and Ellie, however, when it comes to loving each other and children. Unfortunately, at the end of the opening montage, Ellie dies of old age. This is where the theory begins. It is said that Carl became so depressed without his partner that he killed himself and had to go on a journey to make it to heaven. The journey starts with him meeting his guardian angel, Russell. Russell takes the form of the adoptive child that Carl and Ellie wanted since she couldn’t carry a child. Carl is met with multiple bumps in the road on his way to heaven, but he is determined to make it. Once he finally gets to heaven, it is shown as Paradise Falls, the place that he and his wife had always wanted to go. Carl’s heaven has always been to be with his wife in the place that brought them together.

While conspiracy theories are entertaining, they are also just that: theories. None of these theories should be taken seriously.