Christmas Starts Earlier and Earlier


Thomas Cass, Treasurer

This year, Christmas seemed to start right after Halloween, which could mean that people are tired of the holiday by now. Stores promote it this way so you can start thinking about what you want to buy from that store, and it’s working.

Clothing stores do a great job at making you actually believe Christmas is around the corner when it’s actually two holidays away. For some families, this causes more stress they don’t need this time of year. They are already trying to find the perfect meal to serve or the perfect decoration to display inside and out. People don’t need to be weighted down by what gigantic gifts they should give their family members.

Another point in why this marketing plan is no good is because Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and other holidays are pushed out of the way. This means the holidays in between are molded over and replaced by this month or two month holiday season. It is ridiculous how much stores want you to buy their product at a discounted price. What boss or manager thought it would be a good idea to put Christmas on top of a day of remembrance from a tragic act of violence like Pearl Harbor?

Now on a positive side, I can’t find anything good with starting a holiday early especially when it’s on top of a couple other traditional gatherings that everyone looks forward to. Like I told you, people get stressed about Thanksgiving and Christmas, so they take it one celebration at a time. They could just not celebrate one holiday, but that creates a terrible trend that would end in disaster sooner than everyone thinks.

This year, I noticed right after Halloween we see so many commercials talking about their big Christmas sale that started the first of November. To me, this is a slap in the face at almost all the other holidays throughout the year. At no other time do you see more than 50% off store-wide anywhere? Why is this? Simply because kids and adults today want too much stuff. They have gotten so used to technology giving them what they want the very second they want it that this now translates to our holidays. If this trend continues, most Americans would only come together for Christmas – and only to buy things.

By having Christmas earn so much attention over Thanksgiving, people devote more time to preparing for one more than the other. For example, if you are setting up for a nice Thanksgiving meal, your priority is not to find the best gift for everyone the next day (Black Friday) but to find the best food to serve to everyone. Those two holidays should be enjoyed separately and not together. Only then can we truly enjoy ourselves.

Another point I have observed with kids my age is that they don’t sit back and enjoy their time or relax as much as adults. My generation takes one little thing some friend of a friend says about them and lets it ruins their week. This is another reason everyone needs to enjoy the holidays because its almost like a time of reflection for everyone. We should take this time to sit back and enjoy life often, but that’s a totally different article for another time. In the meantime, we can all say that the holidays are an important mental rest stop.

The importance of a holiday is for everyone at the table to unwind and forget about their troubles over the past year. As new technology comes along, it becomes more important to see everyone face to face. If anyone looks long enough at a teenager, that person can tell adults are better communicators. The skill of having good communication starts with your own families.

People are already stressed over multiple holidays this time of year, so they try to get it over with quickly. The feeling of Christmas lasts as long as it’s in your heart, so if the decorations are up for 2 months, chances are you will take them down on the 26th of December. By having Christmas early, the feeling of the season disappears too early – and that’s just not right. Christmas should be a special time for special people.

All the big name stores go all out 2 months in advance every year, including this one, for the sole purpose of making money. The stores want to have a big season for shopping so they make more money. Money makes the world go round and those who have the most money rule the world. Overall, people today buy into this idea of starting earlier and earlier for one selfish reason – profit. Christmas is not about making money – it is about what people have in their heart.