Maroon 5 Superbowl Performance
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Maroon 5 Superbowl Performance

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The Superbowl halftime show is one of the most anticipated performances of the year and this year Maroon 5 was the main act. Alongside their frontman, Adam Levine, Travis Scott, and Big Boi performed during part of the show. The show began with Maroon 5’s “Harder to Breathe” and continued with “This Love.” Then artist Travis Scott performed his “Sweet Victory” and his song “Sicko Mode.” Maroon 5 continued with their songs “Girls Like You” and “She Will Be Loved.” After these renditions, Big Boi  came out to perform “The Way You Move.” The show ended with Maroon 5’s “Sugar” and, arguably, their biggest hit, “Moves Like Jagger.”*367/Maroon5+Scott+Big+Boi.jpg

Throughout the show, I would say that there was absolutely no stage presence from any of the artists. The performance seemed rushed and worn out. Each artist had such a wide void to fill with stage presence but they only filled a quarter of it. Personally, it felt like the artists were put onto the stage after no practice at all. I did not feel anything when watching the performance. I did not feel excitement or even anticipation for the next song, instead, I just felt bored. I have to say that Adam Levine did put an effort to make the performance exciting but it was not working. In all honesty, I wish that I was able to fast forward and skip the performance.

I think that the Super Bowl should have invested more into production for the stage. If there were better production and more add-ons to the show then it would have been more exciting. There should have been dramatic entrances for both Travis Scott and Big Boi. The performance would have been better all in all if they had just performed “Sweet Victory.” With more investment in production, there would have been more stage presence.

I myself am no professional singer, but throughout the performance, Adam Levine’s vocals sounded very flat, and it almost seemed as if he was tired from the start to the very end. He also ruined some of his songs with the random acts of trying to hype up the crowd.

In my opinion, the Super Bowl should have picked a diverse artist that applies to everyone, or an artist that always puts on a show-stopping performance. It is not like Maroon 5 doesn’t ever put on a good performance but are they really show-stopping? My answer is no. I have never seen anyone talk about a show-stopping performance by Maroon 5I am a slight fan of the band and their performances alone, but for the Super Bowl, maybe Maroon 5 was not the best choice.

Overall, I believe that the halftime show was not good at all. It was messy, it seemed rush, and it just was not exciting. The Super Bowl halftime show is typically something that almost everyone gets excited about and this year’s show was just a disappointment. Also, I believe that Travis Scott and Big Boi should not have been added to the show. If the Super Bowl wanted to add extra performers, it should have been someone who complimented Maroon 5. Because in all honesty, Maroon 5, Travis Scottand Big Boi do not really mix well together.

I hope that the Super Bowl makes better choices for next year’s halftime show.

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