20,000 Mysterious Deaths of Seabirds


Gary Davies

Lizeth Ramirez, Staff Writer

Recently, thousands of seabirds washed up on the Dutch coastline. Scientists estimated that about 20,000 seabirds had died. There is a reason to believe that about 10,000 are still in the ocean and have yet to wash ashore. The scientists are speculating that about 345 containers may have spilled from MSC Zoe containers and caused the deaths.

These containers stored toys and furniture. They could have contributed to the death of the seabirds, possibly by making them choke on plastics. Many of these items were found on beaches around January 2, along with the fallen birds.

Additionally, scientists believe that it might not only have been the containers that were spilled, but also the weather that could have caused the birds’ deaths. The researchers are not completely certain what may have caused the high casualty rates.

The birds that were found alive are getting help and the nurturing they need. The birds that had eaten or swallowed plastic are currently being fed with the help of a tube, in order to give them the proper nutrition needed to survive.

Ocean pollution may be a large factor, due to the fact that 70% of the ocean is covered with trash, carbon waste, and oil. The 345 containers that spilled only added to the pollution, causing the oceans to increase in toxicity.

Because some animals, including the birds, are endangered, it is imperative that scientists attempt to collect as much of the displaced waste as possible. Otherwise, it will not just be the guillemots that will end up on shore, but many other animals as well. Hopefully, the scientists will discover the true cause of these issues, which will be a find that will greatly assist the other species that live within the ocean.