Barstool Sports Founder Kicked Out of Super Bowl

Cody Vadeboncoeur , Staff Writer

Barstool Sports isn’t an ordinary sports journalism company. They do things their way. They have an interesting twist to their articles – although they may contain a little bit of profanity, they maintain the capacity to be comprehensive. They have their own style of doing things, which makes them interesting and entertaining, to say the least.

Dave Portnoy founded Barstool Sports in his home state of Massachusetts. The company quickly launched and grew with fame due to their personality and uniqueness that is involved in their work.

Portnoy is just like any other common New England person and is really into New England sports and is a dedicated fan of all the teams in the area such as the Patriots, the Red Sox, the Celtics, and the Bruins. The drama between Portnoy and Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the NFL, all started with Deflate-Gate when the NFL suspended Tom Brady for 4 games back in 2015. Portnoy did not agree with the stance and the sentence for Brady, as the whole Deflate-Gate situation was very controversial.

It was arduous to prove anything in the case, save for the fact that the footballs were flat for the Patriots against the Colts in a very lopsided playoff game. Were the deflated balls in this game? Who knows, but the NFL wanted to make sure they got this right, but nobody really knows if they did. The suspension even led to the arrest of Dave Portnoy and another fellow employee for Barstool in front of the NFL offices back in 2015.

The next time another aspect of drama between the two would occur can be found on the Super Bowl media day, which happens before the Super Bowl, just last month. Allegedly, Portnoy made fake media passes to gain access to media day. This caused Portnoy to get kicked out of the event. He then tried to get into the Super Bowl, a game he actually purchased tickets for that cost approximately $5,000.

It appeared at first that everything would be fine. However, before the first half ended, he and his friend were escorted out. Portnoy was not having it and made the security guards carry him out as he went limp. This caused a multitude of videos to come out that all showcase the situation. He did nothing wrong and simply because Goodell did not want him to be there, he was forcefully kicked out of the game and unable to watch his Patriots win the Super Bowl. Portnoy then made shirts with Goodell’s face on them, which presented him as a clown.

This whole situation was abnormal and strange to say the least, especially because everything happened, as a result, Goodell, the NFL Commissioner, not wanting Portnoy to be in attendance for the Super Bowl.

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