Crave Coffee: How Does it Compare to Starbucks? – Restaurant Review

Alyssa Matthewson, Staff Writer

Unpopular opinion: Starbucks – a wide-spread, well-known American coffee company that has pretty much outnumbered and overpowered any other coffee shop in the world – is overrated. With Starbucks being the most popular and most convenient coffee shop around, many people forget about the small, underground cafes in their city. Now, I have been to a ton of different coffee shops in my life, but ever since the first week that I moved to this city, there’s been one that has been stuck on my mind, and it’s Crave Coffee & Tea.

There are currently 11 Starbucks locations in Corona and only one Crave Coffee. It’s unfortunate, since Starbucks drinks are overpriced, and to me, not worth the money for what you’re given. Yes, I’m aware that you’re able to ask for “light ice”, however, there shouldn’t be a need to. Although they do offer 36 different drinks on their menu, which also allow you to swap out ingredients to customize them to your liking, it’s not worth it. Their drinks range in size from; tall (12 oz.), grande (16 oz.), and venti (24 oz).

Starbucks: Iced Chai Tea Latte

Tall: $3.25

Grande: $3.95

Venti: $4.25

Crave Coffee also ranges in three different sizes; small (16 oz.), medium (24 oz.), and large (32 oz.).

Crave Coffee: Iced Chai Tea Latte

Small: $4.95

Medium: $5.75

Large: $6.95

Although the pricing for their drinks is a bit more expensive, it’s important to consider the reasons for it.

I’ve had plenty of Iced Chai Tea Lattes from both locations, considering it’s my favorite drink to order from anywhere, so I think I have a pretty fair and educated say in this debate. Starbucks’ Chai Tea just does not live up to my expectations, and it can be upsetting. I’m not sure if anyone else has had any experiences like this, but whenever I order one, I expect it to be sweet and savory – but it isn’t. Instead, my drink is a cup full of ice and, well, nothing more than brown-tinted milk. The ice takes up my entire cup, which leads me to finish my drink in about 10 sips from the lack of tea in my drink, and the drink itself tastes just like regular cow milk, which isn’t right at all. This makes me feel the need to order a grande or venti, hoping to avoid the disappointment of a tall.

At Crave, I’m given a 16 oz. drink with their small amount of special shaped ice – that doesn’t overpower my drink – and a delicious, sweet, savory Iced Chai Tea. They put so much flavor into it, and it reaches above and beyond my expectations. I actually crave Crave, every day. And it’s not just the Chai tea latte that’s delicious, but since I consider myself to be a Chai Tea enthusiast, I had to shine the light on it.

I’d choose Crave Coffee & Tea over Starbucks any day, and even my mom agrees with me. It’s worth every penny, unlike Starbucks. Would you rather pay less for a barely decent cup of coffee/tea, or a 100%, worth-every-penny drink? If you chose the second option, I’d suggest you check out Crave Coffee & Tea sometime soon.

Crave Coffee & Tea

Location: 175 E Ontario Ave, Corona, CA 92879


Sunday: 6AM-9PM

Monday: 5:30 AM- 9 PM

Tuesday: 5:30 AM- 9 PM

Wednesday: 5:30 AM- 9 PM

Friday: 5:30 AM- 9:30 PM

Saturday: 5:30 AM- 9:30 PM