Pray For The Wicked Tour: More Than Just a Performance

Madison Castello, Staff Writer

In light of Panic! At The Disco’s sixth studio album, the group embarked on the Pray For The Wicked tour, performing for their numerous fans, both far and wide. The concert appeared to be the hype of Valentine’s Day, as an overwhelming amount of students from our very own school, drove all the way to Anaheim to view the spectacular performance. With thousands of people attending, many from our dear Santiago, one may ask; what makes Panic! At The Disco so popular?

For many students, including myself, this was more than just a performance, or a display of music, but rather a way to express ourselves and let go of our fears and worries. When disappearing with the music, the outside world melts away, as we focus entirely on Brendon’s silly remarks, incredible backflips, and empowering message on the freedom to love as we choose. When in the Honda Center, all thoughts of grades and homework and tests disappear as the music becomes our sole focus. This wasn’t just a concert, but a way for our youth to express themselves.

Music has always served as a relief from everyday life, and this band is no exception. Fans were able to embrace their inner selves for this one night, in the absence of worry. When walking into the stadium, fans were greeted by an astounding sight; an atmosphere full of acceptance and the freedom to be you. Teens were walking around with handmade shirts and pride flags, without fearing rejection or disapproval. It was beautiful. Fans were talking with strangers they had just met in the souvenir line, not caring who they were or where they were from but simply bonding over their mutual love of this band’s music. Just because of something as simple as a shared interest, people from all over were exemplifying their unique personalities and connecting with other open-minded individuals.

When describing the performance itself, only one thought comes to mind: they certainly know how to put on a show. Brendon’s gold, flashy jacket was sure to attract the attention of the audience while his dance moves were certainly creative and very entertaining. In the middle of one of his songs, the lead singer surprised us with a backflip from the piano that he had just previously played, as it floated above the crowd’s heads, from one side of the auditorium to the other. Nothing like a little risk to terrify and amaze a crowd. As Brendon Urie sang his heartfelt notes, a chorus of musicians with instruments from trumpets to violins played their superb melody, swaying in time to the beat. Towards the front in harmony with Brendon, were the other two official Panic! At The Disco members, their guitarist Mike Naran and their new bassist Nicole Row. Overall, quite a display of talent.

From the flashy lights and mesmerizing background graphics to Brendon Urie’s incredibly high and angelic voice, this show can easily be considered a reflection of our generation’s taste in music. All around me stood kids, young and old, moving along to the rhythmic beat and swaying in time to the empowering lyrics. This band is the Beach Boys of our time, the Beatles of our era. No matter what music genre piques your interest, many of the band’s most popular songs, such as the fresh “High Hopes” or the classic “Death of a Bachelor” can be considered well known among many crowds by the easily recognizable beats and catchy tunes. It is simply breathtaking to see so many youngsters connected by our shared love of music.

No matter your age, background, personality, or appearance, anyone can find comfort in the lyrical melody. Young and old, female and male, outgoing or extroverted; no matter our differences, we can connect with each other as the music unites us. Why does this music appeal to us? Because it shows us true acceptance and reminds us that we aren’t alone.

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