Nintendo Switch Now Supports Android Compatibility

Jacob Garcia, Staff Writer

The Nintendo Switch has been a worldwide success for over two years, becoming not only a prominent gadget worldwide but a staple that has continuously never failed to exceed consumer expectations or their competitors that even have them collaborating in attempts to bring a competitive item into the market.

It’s been highly regarded as one of the most innovative hybrid handheld consoles, as it is a portable console that can play such AAA titles that initially weren’t plausible before, due to Nintendo’s part of being obsolete with their firm hardware. Despite this, it is surprisingly able to hold up with the numerous third-party titles, largely due to their new Nvidia Tegra X1 graphics card. Due to the potential that the console has for developers, there has been a large influx of third-party titles.

As the Switch has now reached its 2nd year anniversary, speculation of possibly porting apps from devices or emulators to relive our nostalgic childhood, such as the Gamecube or the Wii, has arisen. Now it appears that we are in the right direction for this dream to become a reality…well, unofficially.

Developers Billy Laws and Max Keller have managed to successfully get an early alpha version of Android Q running on the Nintendo Switch. With this in mind, it has Bluetooth, Wifi, even the Joy-con controllers that are configured to its program. This could potentially be an alternative for mobile gaming, as it is rather prominent on Android and iPhone, but in this case, it’s for the Switch.

While this isn’t necessarily for conventional gaming purposes, it is rather a test to explore how the Switch could handle other devices integrated into its system. It still could potentially allow the user to finally play Nintendo IPs that are exclusively on Android at the moment and port it to the switch to get that authentic Nintendo experience.