Jojo Rabbit: A World War II Film

Jojo Rabbit: A World War II Film

Ava Kavanagh, Staff Writer

Jojo rabbit, a World War II movie is coming to theaters October the 18th.

The film directed by Taika Waititi, previously known to have worked on Thor Ragnarok, features a young Nazi boy named Jojo. Actresses such as Scarlett Johansson and Rebel Wilson respectively star as Jojo’s mother as well as an instructor in the Hitler Youth Camp. The plot follows Jojo when he finds a young Jewish girl in his single mother’s attic. Another unique element is the young boy’s imaginary friend, Adolf Hitler. Aided by a caricature form of Hitler, Jojo begins to reassess his ideological and worldly beliefs. As a young boy he looked up to leaders in the Nazi Regime, but once facades around him shatter, Jojo has to relabel his perception of good and evil in Nazi Germany.

Although this new film features a much more serious topic, the director revealed in the trailer he will use a similar directing style as previous films. Such as a joking manner in many action scenes, and visual appeal in both its costume design and camera angles. In many ways, the plot contrasts the directing style to magnify a young boy’s view on the Holocaust.

Many history films use dull colors and straightforward dialogue because their audience is watching for some historical gain. Jojo Rabbit‘s audience is engaged due to many of these unconventional elements. If this style catches on, future films will combine whimsical elements with the underrated historical genre.

Troy, a movie released in 2004, employs similar tactics. Similarly, it has quite a famous cast–Brad Pitt plays the main character. It also has comical dialogue in between action scenes. Thus, a movie based on Homer’s “Iliad” becomes multi-faceted and gathers more interest from the audience.

It’s safe to say Jojo Rabbit is one of a kind in the film industry.

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