My Opinion on Working At Cold Stone Creamery


Anthony D'Amato, Staff Writer

*Disclaimer: At the time of writing this article, I had only been working at Cold Stone for 5 weeks*


Working at Cold Stone Creamery has definitely been an interesting experience for me so far. Throughout this article I will explain the parts I like about working, the parts I dislike, and by end of the article I will be giving my “final verdict”. Like the disclaimer says, I have only been at Cold Stone Creamery for 5 weeks so some of my opinions will be different than someone who has been there longer as I am not familiar with everything that has to be done at the store.


Things I Like:

There are many more things that I like about working at Cold Stone Creamery than I dislike. Honestly, my favorite thing about the job is interacting with my coworkers. Everyone employed is a teenager like me, so we all have a lot of things in common. Everyone working there is really cool and has been especially helpful during my first 5 weeks on the job. The working environment is typically pretty fun as collectively we are able to be productive while having fun. For example, there is rarely a time when one of us is not singing one of the 80s songs that are playing courtesy of pandora, and when there are no customers in the store, we often dance in the back of the store while restocking ice creams or cleaning. For the most part, I also really enjoy serving the customers. The majority of people who come in are respectful and very kind and because I am such a social person, I thoroughly enjoy serving kind customers. I relish the opportunity to be so social and because we are located near Santiago, I get to see a lot of other high schoolers come in daily. The best part of the job perhaps is that employees have the option of making themselves an ice cream each shift. The ice cream is phenomenal and I constantly try new flavors and toppings. So far my go-to flavor is cookie dough, but strawberry has been rising in my rankings lately. Out of our signature creations, my favorite ice cream is probably Cake Batter Batter because it has both cookie dough and a brownie!


Things I do not Like:

There are few things that I dislike at Cold Stone. The first thing that is completely out of the store’s control is the rude customers. Although roughly 90% of customers are sweet and nice, I am always taken back by how rude some people can be. People are very inconsiderate and when I have to deal with those types of customers, it is definitely my least favorite part of the job. Another thing I do not like is the company’s chop-chop fold-fold method for preparing the ice cream. There is absolutely no way I can mix toppings into the ice cream by doing the designated method. Luckily nobody in the store really enforces it, but I’m sure the longer I work there the better chance I have to actually be able to mix the ice cream so quickly. Honestly, the only other thing about working at Cold Stone Creamery that I do not like is working the closing shift. I only dislike working this shift because it typically takes us until 10:45 to close and I just get home very late. A closing shift is also pretty busy which can be stressful, but it typically means more tip money so that is a little bonus.


Final Verdict:

Overall, I enjoy working at Cold Stone Creamery. My coworkers make my shifts enjoyable and for the most part, customers do as well. I’m glad I took the job because I have been able to see things from a new perspective as I now know a little more about what the business world is like. If anyone reading this is considering a job, I would highly recommend applying to Cold Stone and joining the team.

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