A Review on True Beauty

A Review on True Beauty

Alana Jollevet, Staff Writer

True Beauty is a Korean drama based on a WebToon by the same name. The show is about a high school student named I’m JuKung who is “ugly”. Because of that, she got relentlessly bullied at her old school to the point where she tried to end her life. JuKung gets saved by a boy her age named Suho and later moves to a new school in her old neighborhood. She starts to wear makeup in an attempt to hide her bare face and becomes pretty popular among her classmates. While at this new school she finds out that the boy who saved her goes to this school. She eventually falls in love with him and gets involved in a love triangle/square between him and two other characters, Soojin and Seohan. Soho and Jukung are in love while Seohan is in love with Jukung and Soojin in love with Soho. 


 While the drama ended on February 4 of this year, the WebToon is currently continuing. The drama has 16 episodes, each an hour-long.  The drama is full of funny moments ranging from each episode. When I started watching the drama I was instantly hooked on it. This may be a spoiler, but I honestly believe that some couples that did not end up together, should have. The couple of Jukung and Seohan for example. At the start, I thought their relationship was more of a sibling bond. Once I got towards the middle of the plot I began to notice how well they would have been together. 


The two characters had a chemistry that just bounced off each other. Both seemed as if they were best friends that could easily fall in love. Unlike Soho, Seohan fell in love with Jukung without knowing what her bare face looked like. However, even when he found out the truth he was unfazed and continued to love her. All while Jukung was in love with Soho. They had memorable and exciting scenes such as running away from a group of bullies and an incident involving a motorcycle. The connection these two had was one of the better strengths of the show. Another strength of the show would be how they developed the character of Soojin. 


Soojin’s character is one of the most complex and developed characters. She is pressured and abused by her father to be at the top of her class. As a way to deal with she often rubs her friends violently underwater to calm her thoughts. She likes Soho but it has more to do with that he is there sometimes to comfort and save her from her father. Soojin was good friends with Jukung at first but began to betray her after discovering that Soho and Jukung had feelings for each other. Soojin even knows what Jukung’s bare face looked like.  Even though she had betrayed Jukung, viewers still had the chance to see her side of the story in a better light along with her redemption arc. 


Each character has a brilliant story that viewers can relate to in one way or another and enjoy the storyline as a whole. This drama has the audience busting up with laugher and joy, while still being able to introduce more serious topics.