Varsity Football Game: Santiago Vs. Colony


Brendan Gargalis, Staff Writer

This last week Santiago played a Football game against Colony high school at their field. Full credit to Colony, they’re very impressive from what we’ve studied on them, so we knew it would be a good all-out fight filled with passion and sweat for the win. Their team had a couple of 6’5 guys that played skill positions so I knew it would be tough, but height doesn’t intimidate us.

The game started off with Colony receiving the ball first after the punt and thankfully Santiago was able to stop them and go 3 and out. Now Santiago had a position with the ball on the 40-yard line and were able to score on that one drive. The score is now 7-0 with 8 minutes to go in the first quarter. Colony receives the ball at the punt, but Santiago interferes again and stops them from going further.

Bryce Parker shines again as Santiago football team topples Colony – Daily Bulletin

Santiago then gets the ball again and drives down to score another touchdown and boom the score is now  14-0 with 2 minutes remaining in the first quarter.  We enter the second quarter now with all the momentum from the previous one and with 5 minutes to go Colony has the ball, gets a big play, and unfortunately ends up at the 10-yard line.  Within a couple of running plays following, they end up scoring their first touchdown in the entire game. Santiago gets the ball after kickoff and from a play, Colony intercepts the ball on a deep throw.  This means that they now have the ball on the opposite line of the 40-yard line.  They are once again able to drive down all the way but then Santiago picks the ball up off at the 30-yard line! Now it’s the 3rd quarter and for a couple of turns, neither team is able to find an opening and score so they both end up punting the ball each time after the 3rd play. However, near the end of the 3rd quarter, Santiago is able to gain their flow back and score making it now 21-7 going into the 4th quarter with confidence to bring it home. The 4th quarter finally presents itself and Santiago gets the ball at the start and with one major play that they didn’t see coming, we were able to score a touchdown on a 40-yard pass to our receiver, Bryce Parker. In a time of seeing no return, Colony attempts to score to try and change the tides by getting some confidence, Santiago stops their offense from scoring again, ending the match with Santiago winning  28-7 and happily returning back home to present the good news.

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