The Only Undefeated NFL Team this Season

Francisco Daniel, Staff Writer

It’s week 6 of the 2021-2022 NFL season and there is only one team that’s undefeated. All NFL fans are shocked by the fact that the Arizona Cardinals are the only team that hasn’t lost. The Cardinals starting quarterback, Kyler Murray has been proving himself worthy of his starting spot as an incredible teammate and important asset to the franchise.

The closest game in terms of the season for the Cardinals has been against the Minnesota Vikings. This game took place in week 2 of the NFL with the Cardinals playing at home turf. The Cardinals had a total of 474 yards while the Minnesota Vikings had a total of 419 yards. A significant reason why the Cardinals ended up winning was that in the 4th quarter, the Cardinals converted a 1 point field goal for the winner. On the contrary, a major reason why the Vikings had been able to keep up with the Cardinals throughout the game was because of turnovers. The Cardinals had 2 turnovers while the Vikings had none! But however, in the end, the Cardinals still triumphed by one point.

So far they have had 1634 total passing yards. This phenomenal stat is part of because Kyler Murray possesses both the attributes to throw the football and run with it. Kyler is known for his swiftness and ability to evade the opposing team’s defense. This quality of his has gotten him two rushing touchdowns this season so far.

A quarterback is the most important and influential position on a team. However, that doesn’t mean he does all the work. The Cardinals have an outstanding team on both the offense and defensive end. They have jaw-dropping wide receivers such as DeAndre Hopkins, A.J. Green, Christian Kirk, Rondale Moore, and Andy Isabella. A quarterback who can throw is nothing if no one can catch his throws. This shows how important it is for the Cardinals to maintain good team chemistry. If they didn’t have that chemistry, the team would drastically fall apart and be ripped into shreds with their record along with it. One position the Cardinals needed badly was a tight end. It was by far their biggest fault on offense. In order to fill this important position, the Cardinals General Management traded for Zach Ertz from the Philadelphia Eagles. To finalize this trade, the Cardinals gave the Eagles a rookie cornerback in Tay Gowan and their 2022 fifth-round pick. On the other hand, their defense is also doing impeccable. Their opponents have had a total of 14 4th down conversion attempts and out of those 14, only 4 were converted. This means their defense has a 50% chance at stopping the opponents from converting a 4th down. The two major reasons for this are J.J. Watt a defensive end and Budda Baker a safety holding it down.

Given these points, it is clear that the Cardinals are in for a phenomenal rest of the season. The way both their offense and defense are playing is making it seem possible that they could make it to this year’s super bowl. The new addition of Zach Ertz will help along the way greatly with that goal. The next opponent they face against is the Houston Texans on Sunday, October 24, 1:25 pm.