Let’s Rate: Pumpkin Carvings


Alexandro Lopez Guzman, Sports Editor

The time of spooks, screams, trick-or-treat, are just around the corner. With Halloween approaching so many new activities have sprung about from the ground, and for me, the most festive of them all is carving pumpkins! While never actually having the experience to carve one myself, I do enjoy looking at others do it. Furthermore, as some still continue to work their butts off, on their quest to carve perfection, I will meanwhile be rating some carvings already done from Twitter for the 2021 Halloween season. 


Let’s kick it off with a well-known carving of our favorite cat, Garfield. This pussy cat may be a jokester in his cartoon, but he does know how to get into the Halloween spirit. 

Rating: 10/10

Explanation: The reason Garfield is getting a 10/10, is because of its paws. The placement of them is critical after u realize it. Besides the carving being well done, its paws depict the image of him ripping through the pumpkin like how an actual cartoon character would do at the start or end of a show. 


This second carving was made each by an individual of a family that brings the dead to life. From left to right, we have a daughter, son, mom, and dad.


Ratings: 7/10 (Daughter), 10/10 (Son), 8/10 (Mom), 9/10 (Dad)

Explanation: Well for starters, it seems the son has taken the cake for this family. I liked the idea of a ghost coming out of their grave, but I believe there could’ve been a much better carving done. Secondly, I didn’t even realize the grave at first as I thought it was a sprinkler. The son carving of the grim reaper pointing while carrying his infamous scythe of death itself is just worthy of a 10. Moms carving of a haunted house came out pretty well, all though could be much better simply by adding a little ghost flying on top of the house, or a witch on her broom. Dads carving of a mask, however, really surprised me because it’s the first I’ve ever seen and with such a sinister smirk how could I not rate it so high.

And comes our final viewings of popular carvings on Twitter will bring any Pokemon fan excitement. From left to right, we have Mimikyu the shadow puppet, Gengar the eater of dreams, and Pumpkaboo the ghostly pumpkin. 


Ratings: 10/10 (Mimikyu), 10/10 (Gengar), 10/10 (Pumpkaboo)

Explanations: Yes, I present to you a biased rating. Me myself being a huge nerd of the Pokemon franchise I have to give them all a 10. But putting bias aside, a person who has never seen and dug their head deep into Pokemon would probably still rate them high as they are carved to perfection. However, Mimikyu’s ear is a bit on the short side and looks more like a floppy puppy ear which caught my attention.


Nevertheless, the season of fright is only beginning, as the main event hasn’t taken the stage. Pumpkin carvings will forever be something to look forward to while patiently waiting to find the right costume, set up those houses, and go on dates.