Brynn Rose Schwichtenberg, News Editor

October 21st is the International Shakeout day and is observed with the mission to educate the public about the importance of taking immediate action in case of an earthquake.  On October 21st we had an EARTHQUAKE Shake out the drill was 51 minutes long.  The Earthquake drill was after period 1 on Thursday morning. The drill was from 9:29 am-10:20 am.  We went to period 1 then passing period began then once we got to our 3rd-period class the drill began. All students had to get under their decks for safety and then we had to get out of the classroom and go to the football field for protection. Students had to stay with their 3rd-period teacher.

While the drill went on Cadets who are in the AFJROTC Unit had to go down to the building to set up for the earthquake so we cleaned out our storage units and looked for food, plates, silverware, and toilet paper, and went over safety protocols and what to do during an earthquake to make sure everyone was completely safe. There are about 200 cadets, I’m guessing.

We practice this Shakeout drill because in preparation for the most dangerous earthquake. If anyone gets confused about why we practice it’s because The Great Shakeout earthquake drills are based on scenario earthquakes that could affect the area if they were to actually take place. The Great shake out drills are an annual opportunity for people in homes, schools, and organizations to practice what to do during earthquakes and to improve preparedness. This standard drill and evaluation uses simple steps to inform all teachers and students how to perform Drop, Cover, and hold on a quake safe action designed to protect lives and prevent injuries from falling furniture and flying objects that can become projectiles during ground shaking.

Sports Medicine here at Santiago are the ones that go around the school looking for injured people and making sure the school is clear. In sports med when an earthquake happens they have to go over the phrases and what to do if someone is injured. There are 6 phases in an earthquake drill: Phase 1 is Alarm, Phase 2 is a response, Phase 3 is Evacuation, Phase 4 is Assembly, Phase 5 is Head Court everyone and Phase 6 is Evaluation.

In an Earthquake remember do not freak, just find a place in your home that is completely safe and hold on for a couple of minutes then try to evacuate quickly and get outside as quickly as you can and cover your head as much as you can to protect yourself. If you are not at your home and you are out and about and the ground starts shaking and if there is an earthquake make sure you run and find somewhere to hide under or get to a safe place.