Scream 1-4 Recap

Francisco Daniel, Staff Writer

What is the story of Scream and the killers known as Ghostface? The Scream Movie is a series of movies with a killer. The killer “Ghostface” is more of a mantle than just one killer. Throughout the series, there’s been a total of 7 killers. With the new release of Scream 5 coming out on January 14, 2022 fans are questioning ” who will the new Ghostface be?”.

Scream 1(1996) is focused on a girl named Sidney Prescott. At the school, she attends there was a sudden student who died. Sidney is going through a rough time because of her mother’s passing almost a year ago. Sidney gets a phone call from some intimidating voice and suddenly is attacked by this person. Evading as best as she could her boyfriend Billy Loomis came and fought the attacker. The fight wasn’t very long since the attacker left. Her dad was a person of suspicion but was released later on. Sidney and Billy went to a party with their friends. A reporter by the name of Gale Weathers went undercover at the party expecting the killer to attack. With her is Tatum’s brother Deputy Sheriff, Dewey Riley. While everyone was partying and talking, Sidney’s friend Tatum Riley went to the garage for drinks. Occupied with getting the drinks the door suddenly closes. The same attacker who went after Sidney went after Tatum. Tatum however unlike Sidney lost the battle and was killed. Right after Tatum was killed the killer attacks, Sidney and Billy, stabbing Billy. At around the same time the reporter Gale is attacked and tries to escape in her van. She crashes while almost hitting Sidney. Billy and their friend Stu then reveal themselves as the killers. Billy explains to Sidney that he hates her because of her mother ruining his parent’s relationship. Billy then stabs Stu a bunch of times and nearly kills him which gave Gale the chance to attack him. Gale then shoots Billy and thinks he is dead. Billy comes back after being “dead” and Sidney shoots him in the head, finishing him marking the end of Scream 1.

Scream 2 (1997) takes place two years after the events of the first scream movie. Just like the first movie, this also stars Sidney Prescott. The movie starts off with a couple going to see the movie based on the events of the Woodsboro massacre. While watching the movie they are both killed by Ghostface, when Sidney heard about this she was frightened. Later in the movie, she is attacked by the same Ghostface. She manages to stay alive and her new boyfriend Derek helps fight Ghostface. She starts to lose trust in Derek since it reminded her of Billy and avoids him because of this. After making some deductions Sidney, Gale, Dewey, and Randy think Ghostface is at the School’s campus. Looking for this new Ghostface, Randy finds him and is killed. Gale and Dewey are chased by Ghostface and stay alive. Sidney then finds Derek tied to a cross in the auditorium. The killer reveals himself as Mickey and shoots Derek. Mickey then introduces his subordinate Debbie Salt. Sidney realized that it was Mrs. Loomis aka Billy’s mother. She explains to Sidney that she is doing this for revenge for Sidney killing her son Billy. Out of nowhere Cotton comes and saves Sidney. Cotton was the person who was falsely accused of killing Sidney’s mother. Mrs. Loomis betrays Mickey but before he collapses he shoots Gale. Cotton immediately shoots Mrs. Loomis hoping she is dead. Mickey and Mrs. Loomis both resurface and are finished off.

Scream 3 (2000) takes place three years after the previous film(scream 2). Cotton Weary, now a popular tv show host is the first confronted in this movie. He gets a call from Ghostface that’s coming from his house where his girlfriend is. He drives there as fast as possible. Ghostface says he wants the whereabouts of Sidney Prescott and Cotton refuses. Angered by his answer Ghostface kills both Cotton and his girlfriend Christine. Gale Weathers goes to LA to the set of Stab 3, the movie based on the real Ghostface murders. She finds Dewey there and during their catching up a person of the Stab 3 cast was killed. The police suspect the director of the movie Roman Bridger. Sidney is then put into protective custody and is being watched by a detective named Mark Kincaid. Roman is released and is having a birthday party in which Dewey, Gale, the cast of Stab 3, and more attend. Ghostface strikes and Gale finds Roman dead in the basement. Ghostface then goes on a killing spree killing almost everyone. Sidney gets a call from Ghostface ordering her to the house. She gets there and finds Dewey and Gale tied to a chair. As she is untieing them, Ghostface sees her and attacks. Conveniently, Detective Mark Kinkaid is there and tries to help but is knocked unconscious. The killer then revealed himself as Roman who had faked his death. He says he is Sidney’s half-brother with the same mother. He hates her because their mom left him to be with Sidney. Telling Sidney his plans he lets his guard down and Sidney disappears. She then goes behind Roman and stabs him in the back. Gale and Dewey then find Sidney and Dewey unleashes bullets on Roman. Sidney tells Dewey to aim for the head because Roman has a bulletproof vest. Dewey aims for the head and ends it.

Scream 4 (2011) starts with the 15th anniversary of the original Woodsboro massacre. The beginning shows two high school kids who are murdered by the new Ghostface. Sidney returns to Woodsboro to promote her book. Evidence is then found in Sidney’s car and she becomes a suspect. Sidney’s cousin Jill Roberts, then gets a disturbing phone call from Ghostface. It happens that she wasn’t the only one and it happened to other people she knew. They go to the new sheriff of the town, Dewey, who has now married Gale Weather. Sidney decides to stay over with her cousin and aunt Kate. Jill’s neighbor is then killed as Jill witnessed it. Gale then recruits two high schoolers named Charlie Walker and Robbie Mercer. These two kids explain the killer is using the rules of the movie remakes. Gale then investigates a party being held for the movie remakes and is stabbed by Ghostface. She then flees away once she sees Dewey. The two guards who were guarding Kate’s (Sidney’s aunt) house, were murdered. Ghostface then kills Kate after threatening Sidney through a phone call. Sidney is now at her friend’s Kirby’s house with a few other people including Jill. Sidney tries to leave with Jill but Ghostface appears and tries to kill them. While running, Sidney calls Dewey for help. As Sidney tries to find Jill, Kirby is forced to answer horror movie trivia to save Charlie, who is tied up outside. After Kirby answers Ghostface’s questions, she goes outside to untie Charlie, who immediately stabs her and reveals himself as Ghostface, before leaving her to bleed out. Sidney then confronts Charlie but is stabbed by a second Ghosrface revealing themself as Jill. She then executes Trevor and betrays Charlie in the hope to frame him. The police show up and Jill and Sidney are taken to the hospital. Jill then goes to Sindey’s hospital to kill her. Dewey and Gale then try to stop Jill but cannot. Sidney then incapacitates her with a defibrillator and shoots her.

This marks the summary of the 4 movies. Now, remember that not everything was included in this recap. Only the main summary of it means lots of things were still left out Such as characters and little scenes. If you want to watch Scream 5 but haven’t watched the first four then you must watch the other ones first. Watching the 5th one without watching the others might be a bit confusing considering you wouldn’t know much about the original characters. Scream 5 comes out soon so you should hurry up and catch up.