Why You Shouldn’t Go To The Pumpkin Factory


Cole Mago, Staff Writer

orange pumpkins on brown wooden fence Now that Halloween is almost here, you might be thinking of squeezing in that last trip to The Pumpkin Factory right before it’s gone for the year. Contrary to my previous article, I say you shouldn’t. Everything I said in my last article on why you should go to The Pumpkin Factory was true, but I omitted some crucial information that would likely inspire you to just stay home or pick up a pumpkin from the grocery store. I only am writing this now because soon I will be out of a job and won’t have to worry about my bosses finding out.

When going to The Pumpkin Factory, keep your expectations low. You can indeed smell the place before you even walk in: that classic smell of greasy carnival food. Sure, you might like grease fried deep-fried funnel cakes, churros, french fries, and chicken nuggets, but you better be ready to throw your wallet in that deep fryer too. Carnival food, as you might expect, is expensive, but The Pumpkin factory’s prices are astronomical. The average price of food at The Pumpkin Factory doesn’t dip below ten dollars.

Food is not the only bank-breaking, saving-shattering, money-mulching aspect of the place. Admission is only five dollars Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and free the rest of the week, but that’s the last of the mercies they show you. If you want to do anything more than walk around the place, you need tickets. At first glance, it seems as though attractions are priced reasonably at around 3-6 tickets for various things. But when you get around to buying your tickets you are greeted with a happy smile asking for a dollar per ticket, and you need a lot of them. Suddenly you realize that you are paying three dollars to go down a slide, six dollars to shoot a few paintballs out of a gun, and eight dollars to pet and feed some goats, pigs, and sheep. The Pumpkin Factory is advertised as a family outing, but I wouldn’t go with three or more people unless you feel like blowing through a hundred dollars or more the few boring hours you spend there.

In my previous article, I talked about how the rides are geared towards younger kids — they’re the only ones having a good time. It is honestly embarrassing how boring The Pumpkin Factory is. There is a total of three carnival games and two rides for people older than four (each costing you about six dollars, so about thirty dollars for all of them). There just simply isn’t enough to do there, and that’s saying a lot considering we live in Corona, California.

In short, there are a whole lot more things to do with your time and money than go to The Pumpkin Factory. What you get at The Pumpkin Factory is nothing short of not worth your time. The food is grease on a plate that you get charged a fortune for, just to ride a slide you need to pay three dollars, and there isn’t even a whole lot of things to do there. So, please do not go to The Pumpkin Factory unless you enjoy wasting time and money.