NBA Season Openers!

Alexandro Lopez Guzman, Sports Editor

The NBA is finally back in season and that calls for seeing new teams that have added superstar players like the Lakers, and Bulls perform. Additionally, some teams this season have taken a turn for the worst with their superstars not wanting to play due to “personal problems” like Philadelphia and Brooklyn. Surprises left and rights, early performances from teams, and players that have shocked all NBA fans across the spectrum have many fans arguing if their team has made the right decision this off-season. 

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Creations of “super teams” have always been a topic that seemed rather unfair amongst the NBA. We saw the Brooklyn Nets add superstars James Harden, and Kyrie Irving alongside Kevin Durant the previous season that had fans questioning if the franchise even had enough money for it has been repeated this season with the addition of Mr. triple Double Russel Westbrook to the Lakers in hopes of winning a championship with LeBron James and Anthony Davis. However, an unexpectedly slow start from the Lakers has fans worried. Russel Westbrook’s performance in the pre-season unprecedently carried on to the regular season and although it’s just a few games hope still lies within. In my opinion, I never agreed with the addition of Russel, as the Lakers brought in another ball-dominant player to their roster and will actually only perform well on nights when LeBron or Davis is out. 

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As the case for the Bulls, their development of trying to establish a super team proves to be going well with the addition of Demar Derozan, Lonzo Ball, Alex Caruso, and Nikola Vucevic. Their outstanding 8-0 start, including the pre-season, surprised many as a team that didn’t make the playoffs last season is at the top of their game and the rankings. Light has shined on this new look Bulls roster and with a tough schedule following them these next few games we’ll finally be able to see if they are the real deal.

Kyrie Irving, Ben Simmons dead even for unwanted distinction amid drama-filled offseason×900.png

Teams like Philadelphia and Brooklyn have lost important pieces to their rosters due to these players not wanting to attend nor negotiate terms with their teams. We’ve seen it occur a few seasons ago with Kawhi Leonard not wanting to play for the San Antonio Spurs even after being cleared for injury and then later demanded a trade during the offseason. This case is slightly similar to Ben Simmons, a player for the Philadelphia 76ers that has fully stated he doesn’t wanna play for them anymore as a result of the horrific playoff performance they showed and the lack of support the Sixers staff and community gives him. From loved to an outcast. Of course, there’s more to a story, Simmons unwillingness to shoot the ball is deemed as the main cause of the problem why people don’t respect him. And according to Simmons, his similar playstyle to his teammate superstar Joel Embiid clashes with his and thus gives him another reason to not want to play with the organization anymore. In Brooklyn’s case superstar Kyrie Irving isn’t following league rules on being fully vaccinated thus he cannot play any home games and presumably can only attend away ones. However, a decision made by the Brooklyn Nets coaching staff has stated that Kyrie Irving will not accompany them to away games. The loss of these two important players will inevitably have a noticeably bad effect on their team this season.