The Wheel of Time

Caitlyn Wilson, Staff Writer

The Wheel of Time is a book series that has 14 books written by Robert Jordan with Brandon Sanderson as a co-writer for the final 3 books. Robert Jordan died on September 16th, 2007 because of a rare blood disease called amyloidosis when he was only 58 years old. He didn’t get to finish writing the series before he died, but he did have many notes and directed his friend, Brandon Sanderson, to finish writing the series after he had died. 

The world is set in a post-apocalyptic world where everything that has happened before, will keep happening. Time is on a wheel that is always turning through seven ages. The creator of the wheel is known as the Creator and uses men and women as its threads to create The Pattern of Ages. The Pattern of Ages is the basis of reality for each of the seven ages that are included in the Wheel of Time. 

The Wheel of Time takes place in what is technically the future, but due to the cyclical nature of time in the series, looks a lot like Earth’s distant past. It’s during a time known as the “Third Age,” roughly more than three millennia past a cataclysmic event known as “The Breaking of the World,” which put an end to a technologically advanced era known as “The Age of Legends.” says

The story of the Wheel of Time starts in a town called The Two Rivers introducing five main characters. These include Rand al’Thor, Mat Cauthon, Perrin Aybara, Nyneave al’Meara, and Egwene al’Vera. We learn that they are all friends and that they all are the right age to be the Dragon Reborn. The Dragon Reborn is prophecied by the Aes Sedai to either repair the world and make it right again or to destroy the world and everything within it. The Aes Sedai have set out to try and find the Dragon Reborn to try and understand whether or not he/she will end up destroying the world or not. The Aes Sedai are people who can touch the one power, which basically means that they can do magic as long as it doesn’t interfere with their oaths “To speak no word that is not true, To make no weapon with which one could kill another, and to never use the One Power as a weapon except against Darkfriends or Shadowspawn, or in the last extreme defense of her life, the life of her Warder, or another Aes Sedai.” 1This is not like any other bond or oath because when they swear to follow these oaths, they are physically incapable of doing any of these actions. 

The T.V. series starts with the events of book one and anyone can watch the show whether or not they have read the books yet. The show will introduce some characters earlier in the series than in the book, and it will be set at a faster pace than the books. The show’s cast includes Zoe Robins, Daniel Henney, Marcus Rutherford, Rosamund Pike, Madeleine Madden, alongside many other talented actors. The show is set to have 8 episodes for the first season and is renewed for a second season. You can watch Wheel of Time on Amazon Prime.