Student gets Arrested At MLK Riverside For Hitting a Supervisor

School Fight Leads to A Student’s Arrest


Abigail Turley, Writer

At Martin Luther King High School in Riverside California, a fight broke out between two students. Administrators were trying their hardest to break up the fight, pulling students off each other and putting themselves between the kids. One employee who was identified by his daughter as Steve Paulos was punched several times in the head and kicked. Steve was taken to the hospital where they x-rayed his head, looking for any major injuries or concussions. He was sore but was recovering at home. There were two sets of fights at MLK that day, both consisting of two girls. During the second, around noon, Paulos intervened as students encircled the fighters. Some students caught the fight on video and spread it throughout their social media. One angle of the video shows Paulos being knocked down and a male student swinging both fists into Paulos as he lay on the ground. The student, who was not identified because he is a minor, was booked into Riverside County Juvenile Hall on suspicion of assault, said Officer Ryan Railsback, a spokesman for the Riverside Police Department. 

Police and administrators hope the student will learn that his actions were taken too far due to the circumstances. They say the fight was completely unwarranted and unprovoked on a staff member that was there to help break up the fight. Meza said most campus fights are planned rather than happening on impulse. Administrators ask students to alert staff of impending fights rather than watch and film them, she said. 

Police kept multiple security officers throughout the school for the remainder of the week to make sure things “calm down”. Administrators often tell students to alert a supervisor at the first sight of a fight instead of videotaping and watching. If not there can be life-threatening consequences like this one in which affected a man’s career and the rest of a student’s life.Archived News - Martin Luther King High