Brynn Rose Schwichtenberg, News Editor

Sharks it’s almost time for the class of 2022 to graduate on Wednesday, June 1st at the Toyota Arena 4000 Ontario Center, Ontario, CA.

Seniors arrive at the check-in area at 6:00 pm Remember Seniors to bring your Cap, gown, and ID card! at about 7:30 pm 2022 commencement begins.

GRADUATION TICKETS: Students are guaranteed 4 Free Tickets, Students can Purchase up to an additional 6 tickets from April 25th – May 20th for $10 each (cash only), Tickets will be distributed on Tuesday, May 31st, Tickets will be given to senior students only and students must have their student ID cards also Students must be free of all obligations to receive tickets updates on entry guidelines will be made as our ceremony date approaches. If families need over their available 10 tickets, any remaining tickets will open up on a first-come, first-serve basis May 23rd-May26th

OBLIGATIONS: 1. Seniors must be cleared of ALL monetary and behavioral obligations in order to participate in senior events 2. These will include Prom, Senior Sunset, Grad Night, and Senior dinner Dance 3. Don’t let your detentions and/or Saturday school slips accumulate! 4. Be on time for class, don’t get any tardies.

Tuesday, May 31st: Graduation Rehearsal/Info and graduation ticket distribution attendance is mandatory for rehearsal! 8:00 am in the gym must have a student ID card to receive graduation tickets!

Thursday, June 2nd: Diploma Distribution 8:00 am-10:00 am Students will pick up diplomas in the front of Santiago High School MUST BRING student ID, cap, gown, and tassel in order to receive their diploma.

According to the website, it states that Graduation is the most recognizable rite of passage around, graduation is an important moment for a lot of Seniors it’s an opportunity to celebrate the end of an era with friends and family, to recognize past accomplishments, and look forward to future ones.

Seniors Graduation is the most important day of your life, you will remember graduation will become a key part of your life while we are heading off to college, a seniors graduation is the last time with your fellow classmates while everyone is saying goodbye to high school as we will be moving forward and making new memories in whatever the future holds. Seniors we have come a long way throughout high school we learned right to wrong, wrong to right there have been laughs and tears, breakups, and makeups.

Seniors, can you believe it exactly four years ago we walked into these halls as nervous or excited as we were the freshman low on the totem pole? Now four years later as we are entering the halls currently as seniors, we’re leaving the school behind to a whole new crop of people. It’s been a long and short four years seniors. We made lots of friendships and lasting memories. Congratulations class of 2022 you did it!