What Are Angel Numbers?

Savannah Sannes, Editor in Chief

Do you ever look at your phone and the time always reads 5:55, or an address reads out 888; well these reoccurring numbers are called angel numbers. 

 What are Angel Numbers?

Angel numbers are recurring sequences of numbers that have spiritual significance”.  An example would be looking at the time and it is 444, or buying something that ends up being $9.99. These repeating series of numbers are looked at as a way the connection to the spiritual universe. They can develop in groups or a pattern of three or four (for instance 456 or 3636).

What is the significance of each series of numbers?

000-according to The Angel Writer is a symbol of spiritual instruction. It could be a sign of assistance from whatever spiritual entity you believe in if you witness this. Because the “number zero is also associated with beginnings”, this angel number could indicate that you’re ready to embark on a new adventure.

111-According to The Habitat, angel number 111 implies that your aspirations are coming true. You’re bringing riches into your life, and whatever spiritual power you’re connected to is guiding you.

222-According to Hidden Numerology, “the angel number 222 represents a moment in your life when you’re yearning for a sense of harmony and trust. Maybe you’re seeking peace inside yourself and/or in your intimate relationships, or maybe you’re preparing to start a new chapter in your life”.

333- The number three is related to creativity, according to The Secret of the Tarot. Seeing the number 333 serves as a subtle reminder that your angels are rooting for you as you embark on a new adventure.

444- “The angel number 444 is related to honesty and inner understanding”, according to the website SunSigns. If you see this, “it might imply that your spiritual guides are pushing you to search within for answers to your problems. Pat yourself on the back since it’s also an admission that you’ve been working hard.”

555-Seeing the number 555, according to Hidden Numerology, indicates that major changes are on the horizon. As you embark on these new adventures, your angels are encouraging you to be confident and optimistic.


666- “Though this number has some negative” connotations, having it as your angel number isn’t always a bad thing. The angel number 666, according to The Habitat, might be a sign that you need to create balance, recast negative beliefs, and build faith in yourself.

777- If you’ve suddenly seen the number 777, the world may be trying to warn you that good fortune is on the way. This number, according to YourTango, might indicate that you should pursue spiritual satisfaction.

888- The angel number 888, according to the website Chakra To Ya, is a message that your hard work is paying off. If this is your angel number, be on the lookout for a cash windfall.

999- “The occurrence of nine, as the last digit in numerology, denotes the end of a chapter. When you see nine as an angel number (in a set of three, four, or in a pattern), it’s a sign that a significant cycle is coming to an end, and you’ll soon be embarking on a new adventure. Similarly, this is a great moment to get out of your comfort zone, broaden your horizons, and venture into new terrain. Whether you’re interested in starting a new job or returning to school, the spiritual universe will undoubtedly back you up in your bold decisions.”