Boeing 737 Plane Crashed in China


Arianna Bultsma, Staff Writer

Monday, March 21, 2022, China Eastern Airlines flight Boeing 737 crashed in a remote mountain valley in southern China. Onboard there were a total of 137 people: 123 passengers and 9 crew members. None of the passengers on this flight were foreigners to China. This plane crash could possibly be China’s worst air disaster in many years.

The plane left the ground around 1:11 pm and was flying steadily until it lost altitude at around 2:20 pm. Boeing 737 lost more than 21,000 feet in just over a minute. Before it plugged into the ground it barely regain altitude of around 8,000 feet. Residents around the area reported that the plane seemed to have shattered into debris. At the scene of the crash, a fire began and flames and smoke could be seen rising from the hillside until later that day when the fire was finally put out. There have been no weather reports to suggest any possible contribution towards the cause of the crash. During the search, Monday rescuers were worried about hampering their rescue efforts caused to weather and rough terrain expected that night. The search during Monday night was possibly slowed down due to poor visibility. Casualties caused by the plane are unknown. It is also still unclear if any of the 137 passengers survived the plane crash. Besides the remains of the plane rescuers have only found burnt wallets and ids. As well as still waiting to find the passengers people were also in search of the black box. On Wednesday the cockpit was recovered but the flight-data recorder was not found. A full investigation can take around a month but hopefully, some new news will emerge in the next few days. 

Family members of the flight crew members have gathered at the China Eastern Airlines offices in Yunnan province. As we await news of the wear about and conditions of those on flight Boeing 737 keep them and their families in your thoughts, prayers, or whatever it is you personally believe in to help these people.