Comparing Donut Shops Old and New In Corona

Compare Old and New Donut Shops


Abigail Turley, Staff Writer

More than a great donut shop - Review of Baker's Dozen Donuts, Corona, CA - Tripadvisor Bakers Dozen Donuts & Delights is located in Corona California and was established in 2003. An engineer + a nurse = Donuts carefully hand-crafted with care. Baker’s Dozen Donuts was created in 2003 when we (a husband and wife team) stepped away from our professional careers to start something fun together within our local community states Keith and Kim, the founders of Baker’s Dozen Donuts. This shop is located at 325 S Main St, Ste A, Corona, CA. In 2018 Baker’s Dozen Donuts and Delights celebrated their amazing 15 years of service. They offer Sandwiches ( breakfast & lunch ) as well as a great selection of real fruit smoothies, shaved ice, ice cream & ice cream sandwiches, milkshakes, custom donuts, and more


 When I visited the shop at first I recognized how much character the shop has. Little antiques like old-school candy/toy dispensers and bright yellow walls. When I walked in the employees were very nice and helped me choose which donuts would be best to review. I went with a classic chocolate glazed donut. My first impressions were that the donut was still a bit warm as if they were made fresh that morning. The outside was a crisp shell and the inside was flaky and doughy. The frosting was just a basic chocolate frosting and was semi-sweet but not so sweet that you want to stop eating it. Overall Baker’s Dozen Donuts and Delights gets 8.5/10.Bakers Dozen Donut Day | Metairie Bank


 The newest donut shop in Corona is Foothill Donuts. Located 1973 Foothill Pkwy Suite 112, Corona, CA 92881. Walking into Foothill donuts immediately consumes you with the scent of fresh pastries. The decor and management truly make you feel welcomed and delighted to be there. Accents of pink, blue, and white are all over along with tables inside for you to chill and eat your sweets. On top of donuts, they also make different breakfast items and desserts. With over 15 different donut flavors I chose the Double Fudge Chocolate donut. My first impression was that it was larger than normal donuts and had an amazing display of fudge topping. My first bite was filled with mixed sweetness ratios. The frosting and topping were super sweet, but then the donut dough was crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The perfect balance I think a donut should have. The management and employees were all excellent help when recommending what donuts I should try for my first time there. Overall I give Foothill Donuts a 9/10. FOOTHILL DONUTS - 16 Photos & 13 Reviews - Doughnuts - 1973 Foothill Pkwy, Corona, CA, United States - Phone Number

In my opinion, both old and new donut shops are great for the Corona area. The old shops bring character to the background and history of Corona, while the newer shops help uplift the latest additions to Corona’s environment. With all the new homes and shopping centers being built it is good to have that connection with the past and not forget how this beautiful community started. The people, shops, restaurants, and parks all help bring Corona together to make it what it is today.