8 Different Spinoffs Games of Wordle

8 Different Spinoffs Games of Wordle

Abbie Kraus, Staff Writer

Wordle is the newest craze that has amassed over 2 million players as of Feb 2022. Needless to say, it has become very popular amongst those who enjoy a brain teaser, with a new puzzle and new challenge every day at midnight. Some players want a bit more of a challenge or just something different after completing the Wordle of the day. Here are some of those variations of Wordle for more ways to play daily.


Evil Wordle is one of the harder puzzles because its goal is to trick the player to the best of its ability. The word, no matter what you guess, will continue to change. It does not have a base word that you are aiming to guess; however, you have unlimited tries, and the bot changes based on what other players are guessing more commonly. The creator does call his game the “evil twin” of Wordle.


This is a perfect game for you if you enjoy mathematics and a really good challenge. You are given six tries to find (and solve!) the equation of the day. Here is a hint; every math equation does have an equal sign, so you are meant to find the equation and its solution. There is also a mini version of the game, Mini Nerdle, which is six tiles instead of Nerdle’s eight tiles.


As Nerdle was made for math enjoyers, Globle is a mind game for those who are keen on their countries and their respective geographical locations. There is one country chosen for the day, and you are meant to find this country by its location in comparison to other countries. The game will tell you how close your guess is to the actual country of the day, indicated by warmer and warmer colors.


The name is self-explanatory; it is just like daily Wordle but instead of in English, this version is only in Spanish and only has Spanish words in the word bank.


Created by Scott’s Cheap Flights, an actual company that offers deals for flights, Airportle gives you six guesses to guess the three-letter airport code (e.g LAX). It may be niche, but nonetheless, a deep challenge to recall those airports and their respective flight code.


Arguably the most popular Wordle spinoff, Heardle is about guessing a daily song with as few guesses as possible using a very small snippet of a popular song. There may be a beat, a drum, or a simple pause at the proper time that your guess will be based on. Perfect for those who are familiar with a lot of the trendiest, recent songs in the mainstream.


Antiwordle is the complete opposite of Wordle, as the name suggests. In this wacky version, you try to not guess the word. Your goal is to go as long as possible without guessing the chosen word of the day. What makes it more challenging is the letters will be locked in place if the letter is in the right position, and you will be required to use the letter if the letter is in the word at all. See the source image


  • Dordle (and similar variants)

There are many similar branches of Dordle, but Dordle is another daily game where you tackle two daily challenges at one time, using the same letter guesses for each word. Similarly, but much more difficult Quordle (four words at one time) and the master battle of them all, Sedordle. Sedordle is arguably the most challenging on the entire list, and maybe out of every Wordle spinoff made. You are made to solve SIXTEEN Wordles simultaneously, which could be the ultimate challenge out there for now.

Wordle has been a very new and fun addition to general culture; it is a way that many have been brought together in a very niche way. Who knew that a daily brain teaser could have brought so many like-minded people together?