Small Things of Senior Year


Jocelynn Veliz, Staff Writer

Returning to senior year after being inside for almost 2 years took a huge toll on the class of 2022. Having to get situated in the school environment for the first time since sophomore year took some students a couple of weeks and some even the whole year, but we all know that the small things we enjoy during our school day can make any day slightly more bearable. So in honor of us seniors graduating in less than a month, I decided to ask some seniors what were their favorite small things of senior year.

“Honestly, going off-campus with friends every once in a while is something that makes the day easier, being able to have a little time away with each other is always nice.” – Elena Justus (12).


“My friends and I always meet in front of downstairs E before 5th and it made some days way easier to get through just cause we always joke around and catch up on the day” – Mia Morones (12.) 


“ I would say office hours made my senior year a little easier just cause it was nice to have a break to be able to study or just hang out with friends after the first period. It also puts me in a better mood for the rest of the day…” – Bri Pino (12.)

“Ordering lunch off campus and eating it with friends when we would come back to the classroom was always fun and a highlight of a lot of my senior days.”  – Alyx Molina (12). 


“Waiting for traffic to die down after school with friends in the parking lot during the first semester was something that I looked forward to during my school days. It was nice being able to talk about the day and say hi to people we knew as they walked by.” – Corina Rodriguez (12). 


For me, hearing the guy who sat next to me sing the songs that would be stuck in his head in Ap Gov, first thing in the morning was one of my top favorite small things of senior year. I never minded it because it really wasn’t that bad and it also made the day start lighter than usual.

While we are all ready to say goodbye to this place forever, there are going to be times when we are called to think back to our last year of high school or our whole high school career, and I can only hope that we look back to these small moments and smile. The diamond in the rough of our year is filled with mental problems, college application stress, financial stress, college decisions stress, senioritis, etc.