What Happened to American Pride?

Kate O’Reilly, Staff Writer

It seemed like the world suddenly erupted into chaos and there was nothing we could do about it. People began to pick sides and if you weren’t on the same side then you were and still are seen as an enemy. 

As more came out with different opinions others’ voices were shut down. Many people are too afraid to say what they think and what they believe for the fear that they will be attacked. 

With the news and social media blowing things into bigger proportions and not always giving the whole story people stopped the conversation and started battles. If you aren’t a victim you are seen as the victimizer. Now, not everyone did this many love conversations and hearing others’ opinions but it seemed like those voices just weren’t heard. 

Why is it important for Americans to be proud to be American? If you are American that probably means that you are from the United States. Right? The place you are from and where you live you call home. Home should be a place that you love. If you do not love your home and where you are from it is not home.

When Japan bombed the U.S. instead of Americans being divided by a devasting event they came together to stand up and defend their country. They came together to help and support the war effort as well. After the shock wore off citizens went to work with donations and volunteers to not only help recover from the attack but to come back stronger than before. 

After the attacks on September 11, 2001, American pride spiked with at least 9 out of 10 Americans saying that they were extremely or very proud to be American. This attack was a tragedy and an awful event that occurred on U.S. soil. Yet after such a disaster Americans came together to Unite. 

There are so many events in this nation’s history that would give a reason for failure for the U.S. to just fall apart and for the people to give up or divide even more. But time and time again after terrible events the country came together unified as one. 

Why has it taken detrimental events to bring people from one country to come together to agree and have conversations?

This country is not perfect in fact it is far from it. However, Americans share the same home we come from the same country and we want our home to be safe. We all have different views and different perspectives but that is what makes us strong instead of using our differences to divide us they should be used to bring us together. 

We learn and grow from each other and so can this country. By having those difficult conversations by listening instead of thinking of how to argue with someone else’s opinion. This land is not free every day man and woman, your neighbors, your friends, and your fellow Americans are sacrificing their lives every day for you to have the right to say you hate this country. They are the reason you can live your life by your rules.

This country used to be proud but not so much anymore. What happened to that pride Americans once had?