Enjoy it While it Lasts

Person receiving eggs in an egg box made of 5 pp material from the refrigerator at home

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Person receiving eggs in an egg box made of 5 pp material from the refrigerator at home

Cole Mago, Staff Writer


 It’s dumb, it all is. Besides a couple teachers and those couple of people you call your friends, and those one or two people in some class that you only talk to in that class and no where else, everything about high school is just stupid. If you’re like me you’re probably gonna come close to failing a couple of classes, get a couple calls home, and have some beef with some teacher. And wherever you think you’ll be at the end of your four years, you’re going to be somewhere completely different. That one friend who you think will be there forever and you’ll be close with for the rest of your life, that one person who’s probably the greatest friend you’ve had in your whole entire life, the person who is your best friend and even though you’ve never really said it out loud, you know they consider you their best friend too, you’ll probably have some sort of falling out. There’s no bright side to that. At the end of your four years, you’re gonna have the most unexpected friends you could ever have imagined. It might be some person you only sort of knew in freshman year that’s now the person you talk to the most. Whatever it might be, just know that it’s ok.

I know you’ve heard this a million times before but this really is that last time to enjoy being young. I know that that sounds dumb coming from someone who’s currently only four years older than you, but it’s more true than you realize. This is the time to enjoy yourself and do things that will make your experience better. Do whatever you feel is right to make your high school experience more enjoyable. 

Long story short, you’re gonna have a weird experience in high school. You’re gonna have some of the greatest times of your life. You’ll lose and gain some important people in your life, but whatever happens, happens. Take everything as it comes and don’t stress the small stuff. Do whatever you feel is right to make these years more enjoyable. Don’t overload yourself with too many responsibilities, this is a time to enjoy. High school, now that it’s a day away from being over for me, was the most fun time I’ve ever had. Not the actual act of going to school, even though that could be enjoyable at times, more so the time here as a whole. I’ve gone through so many changes that I seriously would slap the freshman version of myself out of embarrassment. Hopefully, by the end of all of this, you’ll have come out as the person you want to be. But You’re always going to remember these times and you’re always going to want to get back to wherever you are right now when it’s over. So please, please make it count. Please don’t waste it.

And if writing exactly the 500-word minimum on your article makes it more enjoyable.