Is the Fallout Show from the Hit Video Game Series coming to your TV soon?

This is a set prop that is going to be used by actors for the new Fallout show!

This is a set prop that is going to be used by actors for the new Fallout show!

Noah Keith Spencer, Staff Writer

For all of those people who are reading this who have no idea what the Fallout franchise is, here is a quick rundown of the basics: Fallout is a beloved and highly successful post-apocalyptic RPG series that has won numerous Game of the Year awards over the span of many of its games. All the entries have players traverse remnants of a future based on the alternate reality envisioned by post-World War II America. This future was destroyed in a nuclear war that takes place in 2077. Those who survived were ones who signed up for a nuclear protection program with a company called “Vault-Tec” that sent the remaining survivors of the nuclear fallout into bunkers called “Vaults” to protect them from the nuclear war. Now that the basic rundown is over with, the new Fallout show had quite a couple of “leaks” from the producers creating the show obviously showing that there has been hefty development in the overall look of the show and there have been photos of the camera crew already filming right now! There are many different sets that have been created already. Here are just a few!

These two pictures are what the environment of what a “Vault” will look like in the show! This is extremely promising as it seems as if there has been a lot of time, effort, and money put into this project.

This photo is the set for an “in-game” store brand called Super Duper Mart. As you can obviously see, it is still in its early stages of completion but it’s showing promising progression. The producers of the show have announced the cast currently. The list (which obviously is unfinished) includes Walton Goggins, Ella Purnell, Aaron Clifton Moten, and Kyle MacLachlan. You will be able to see more official information on the show as it is updated here on the official IMDB website. There have also been leaks on what some props would look like in the show:

These are wheelbarrows for transporting what seems to be dehydrated food items into the “Vaults”

To those who have played any of the Fallout games, you will recognize this very quickly. These are switches to open and close doors in “Vaults.”

This is one of the more personal items that are to be worn. This is called a suit of “Power Armor” being built currently. To those who don’t know what Power armor is, it’s essentially a suit of mechanical armor made by the US government that is highly used by remnants of the US government after the Nuclear war. (If you haven’t taken a hint yet, you should play the games to understand!) But as you can see, despite the fact if you have played the game or not, it seems to be building up to becoming an enjoyable show that anyone can partake in! To those that are super excited, the show is set to be released by around mid-to-late 2023! That is if there aren’t any setbacks or delays in filming.