Freshmen Feelings


Jaelynn Tagle, Staff Writer

Going to a new school, with new people, in a new environment is always nerve-wracking. The overall purpose is to make students, especially freshmen, feel like they aren’t alone in any situation. Educating kids on mental issues are also a real problem that needs to be discussed. The mental health of a student is just as important as their physical health. Being in a bad mental state can affect a student’s academic performance, making it important for teachers and counselors to remain available for their students in a time of distress. 

Here is a few tips freshman wish they knew before starting their first week of high school:

  • “Be prepared for homework.”
  • “To not stop in the hallway.”
  • “Try to make new friends if you can. Your friend group from middle school won’t be the same anymore.”
  • “High school isn’t like the movies.”
  • “Don’t isolate yourself in one friend group, expand your variety of friendships, and don’t be afraid to meet new people.”

After interviewing a couple of freshmen, this is what they thought of entering a brand new school.

“So far, my experience is good. I was scared about finding my classes and how big the school was, but after finding all my classes it got easier.” – Katelyn McPherson (9)

Over time, students adjusted to their working environment and got more comfortable with the people around them, and eased into a brand new school as quickly as their second week on campus.

“I was very overwhelmed when I got to school seeing the large buildings and if I would get lost and how many students there were but once I got used to it, it got better.” – Vanessa B. (9)

Not one single student I interviewed was confident in themselves and confident they would immediately adjust to the new environment.

“I was concerned about the workload of the classes, but so far they have been very manageable. I was terrified about the new huge campus and for the new people.” – Megan S. (9)

Most of the students were concerned about the workload they were gaining and meeting their new classmates and teachers.

“I was nervous about getting lost in a big school and being late to my classes.” – Colleen R. (9)

On the first day, everyone walked onto the campus nervous about their upcoming year and all we could do is hope for the best.

7 out of 9 students interviewed were nervous about the new school year. The majority of the students I interviewed agreed that being the new kid takes time to get used to but the struggle is mutual with everyone around you. But, in high school, everyone can be the new kid, especially since they are all Freshmen. New beginnings are always a roller coaster of emotions. Everyone around you is feeling the exact same way, and talking about it to your peers can give you peace of mind and make you feel more confident in starting a new school year. After experiencing the first week, students realized it truly wasn’t as bad as they thought it would be. 

Even though the first week can be stressful and emotional, everyone around you is feeling the same way. Expressing how you feel can only comfort you.