Rodeo: Life of the Western


Savannah Creighton, Staff writer

 A wild crowd filled with fervor and patriotism welcomed the Norco Mounted Posse to town for their 36th Annual PRCA Rodeo. Although it is true that a rodeo is a joyful event, everyone may learn something from it. Rodeos celebrate western history and give cowboys and cowgirls a chance to display their equestrian skills. Team roping is an activity that highlights the value of respect for one another. Team ropers depend on one another to catch the bull or cow because if one doesn’t, both lose.
Let’s discuss entertaining activities like bull riding. In this competition, participants ride many more horses and participate in the riskiest event a rodeo has to offer. Don’t get me wrong, it might be risky to ride wild horses, but bulls are the most powerful. Bullfighting champions were present at the rodeo this past weekend in addition to bull riders. While a tremendous amount of adrenaline runs through their veins, bull rider champions maintain their composure as they wait for the bull to spin out of the chutes. They still maintain their modest and humble personalities, though.
Women also compete in the rodeo, therefore not all events are conducted by men. Both men and women are restricted from participating in some activities. Barrel racing is a good illustration of this, when competing in barrel races, cowgirls demonstrate how to turn and burn quickly while under intense pressure to beat the timers.
The few events that rodeos offer are some of these. Even though the riders are usually in the competition, this rodeo ended the three-day event with a dance to make the match more memorable.
That is how things are in the West and how this week’s rodeo played out!