Underground Artists You Need To Discover!



Francisco Daniel, Sports Editor

Sometimes, music can become dry as you feel you have nothing more to listen to. I have personally dug throughout the music industry to potentially raise you from your drought or simply introduce you to either a new style of music or new artists. To give an insight into the artists being presented, the main genre target is rap and hyper-pop. Though, this does not mean there will not be other genres.

1. Steele 11(9,570 monthly listeners on Spotify)


Steele 11 is one of my favorite underground artists for his creativity in his music. Most underground artists tend to try too hard with things such as excessive autotune and an unnecessary tempo that doesn’t match the beat. Steele 11, in my opinion, excels in the area of fast-tempo songs with an imaginative mind. For example, take this song, “Chainsaw Man!” which is clearly a reference to the manga, “Chainsaw man”. To understand his creativity, you’ll have to listen to this song or any of his for that matter, and simply listen.

My favorite song: Hideyourtears

2. Glofromda4(28,092 monthly listeners on Spotify)


Glofromda4 is pretty diverse in his tempo however, my favorite is his slow tempo such as from, “Damn Glo”. As said earlier, many artists use a horrid amount of autotune. Glofromda4 uses more than usual yet he actually makes it good because of the mood his songs accentuate. In other words, he’s good at maintaining a mood in his music, which diverts people away from anything that might criticize him. Lastly, I personally like the background noises and intros he has. They prepare you for the type of song you’re about to listen to.

My favorite song: Hollywood 2

3.Juno(131,841 monthly listeners on Spotify)


Juno, is an artist with a very versatile portfolio of music. For as much as I’ve listened to him, he’s had good music from alternative, R&B, and hyper-pop. An R&B song by him, “Paid For It”, Pop, “La Fleur”, and alternative, “Open Your Moirai”. As you can tell, or hear, he is indeed very flexible with his music.

My favorite song: Come Thru(feat.Midwxst)

4.Slump6s(182,569 monthly listeners on Spotify)


Slump is definitely one of the more popular ones on these lists as you have more than likely heard a song he featured in, antisocial, on social media platforms, like Tiktok. Slump is primarily known for his rap and hip-hop. He is definitely skilled in making people “hype”.

My favorite songs: “Moment” and “Sixteen”

5.tropes(37,868 monthly listeners on Spotify)


Tropes is more so along the lyrical side of rap. What I mean is that he has lyrics that actually have meaning, and his storytelling is better than average(Don’t expect Eminem or NF). I believe his best storytelling song is “A reason why”. If you have good speakers and want your vehicle, house, etc. to shake then listen to his song,  “Liaison”.

My favorite song: What if you’re right, and they’re wrong?

6. Adam Snow(78,770 monthly listeners on Spotify)


Adam is filled with experience in the music industry, yet he’s still not uncovered from the rubble. His music is definitely something that’s targeted toward this generation as his focus on the majority of his songs, good ones at least, is romanticism. Not that romanticism wasn’t popular in the 20th century, but it’s become more apparent in songs of all genres today, mostly rap for Adam Snow, which he’s been on track with.

My favorite song: Can’t Fall In Love

7. Malik(78,117 monthly listeners on Spotify)


Malik, I would simply have to say that he’s balanced. I don’t find him necessarily excelling in one area more than another. His storytelling, tempo, etc. are all around the same level, which is at least decent. Though I would say he’s slightly similar to Adam Snow in the sense of their music is focused around romanticism.

My favorite song: All girls are the devil

These are underground artists you need to discover however, here are a few other artists, who may or may not be underground, that I would like to recommend in order to bless people’s ears. Midwxst(The GOAT), 6 Dogs, ericdoa, and LDW(Lost Dream World). Enjoy!