Baseball Gets Bigger Bases


Mitchell Turner, Staff Writer

The MLB has revised its rules which can potentially change baseball entirely. The new rules that are put in play include a pitch clock between each pitch. The second rule is that the bases are much larger. And the last rule is that players cannot shift to have an advantage over the batter. However, the rules will not be applied until next year so right now these rules do not apply.

These rules will change baseball because the shift rule is going to give the hitters a better chance at getting a hit. These rules are also going to apply to Minor League Baseball next year.“We, I believe, notified the MLBPA today that we’re prepared to execute an agreement on voluntary recognition. I think they’re working on the language as we speak,” Manfred said. Many people might not agree with some of the new rules coming into play, but there are also people who do agree with them.

The new rules might be hard for the players to adapt to so over spring training they will have the rules in place. Clark said, “But while we remain hopeful and we do think that there’s value to the former, if we have to go the latter there will be an opportunity, we still think, before spring training to engage post-unionization on a new agreement.”  If the players cannot get used to the new rules and baseball is not doing very well, they might change the rules just a little less for the players to get used to it.

With the new pitch clock rule, the pitcher has 15 seconds to deliver the ball with no runners on and 20 seconds with runners on and the batter has to be in the box by the time there are 8 seconds left on the clock. Commissioner’s Office,” the union said in a statement Friday. “Major League Baseball was unwilling to meaningfully address the areas of concern that Players raised, and as a result, Players on the Competition Committee voted unanimously against the implementation of the rules covering defensive shifts and the use of a pitch timer.” “The new MLB rule means you will no longer see teams shift an infielder to the other side of second base. Most often that’s the shortstop moving over making it three infielders on the first base side of the infield.”

These rules could either ruin baseball for a while or could make baseball a very entertaining sport. Yankees Manager Aaron Boone said. “… Hopefully these are things that can be small things that lead to a more entertaining and better product overall. I’m at least hopeful that these things will be positives.” Because if these plans do not go as planned you will get a lot of unhappy fans and players and coaches. The MLB is making a big change to the rules, and everyone hopes it has a good outcome and not a bad one. We’ll find out next year.