Homecoming: Brought to you by ASB


Ezra Vega , Staff Writer

Homecoming for many is an experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else besides the carefree environment, that is high school. But one thing that cannot be denied is that ASB is very important in the preparation of an event as such. On the outside, we see a regular high school dance, but looking into what goes into planning such an event, you will find a meaningful family that comes together to create a surreal experience for their school. While many students just want to go and enjoy their time while it lasts, some students may be wondering about the decision-making when it comes to the themes as well as the decorations.

When asked, “How did you guys come up with the theme of homecoming, and can you confirm this year’s Homecoming 2022 theme?” We get a deeper look at ASB’s thought process for coming up with this year’s theme. 

This year’s theme is “StoryBook – Once Upon a Homecoming” and according to Commissioner of Dances and Social activities, Ava Torres (12),  “We wanted to stay away from Disney specifically and main characters and focus on the side characters. We thought that themes that are better with decorations, stand out more, and focus more on the dance rather than the theme itself was the best idea.” 

With all this planning, most people would probably be exhausted by now, but our dedicated ASB has proven time and time again, their enthusiasm which is evident in their party planning. 

So the next question for Ava and Commissioner of social media, Gianna Barro (12) dealt with their excitement for the homecoming they have planned.

I asked what they were most excited about. The two seemed most excited to see who would be crowned King and Queen at our Homecoming football game. But for Gianna, she had more to say about improvement. “We want to see improvement from last year. We’re sticking to having it outdoors because it makes it feel almost like Coachella, or like a music festival which was a big hit in last year’s homecoming, and it’s less hot.” And who can forget the afterparties? There are many Seniors, and some juniors, who are getting ready and finding out more about who’s throwing the afterparties! – because what’s a school dance without an afterparty?

After weeks of planning and countless hours of effort, I wanted to know what was the biggest challenge in planning a homecoming dance. Together, Ava and Gianna, (Grade 12) agreed that “honestly working with homecoming court and getting people to follow all the guidelines is difficult but we expect nothing less. We just know that the result will be a fun night for everyone hopefully”. Also mentioned was trying to get everyone in the school spirit after our recent Fall rally. “I feel like people are exhausted after the fall rally and we want as much spirit the week of homecoming as we can”.

The last thing that was on my mind that I wanted to get the answers to had to do with how this year’s homecoming will be different from previous years’ homecoming. From a seniors perspective, this will be our second homecoming outdoors and there are many mixed feelings about this. When I asked our social media and dance commissioners, it was agreed by all three of us that the biggest difference for them was the fact that they were seniors and that means top priority in planning. Seniors in ASB are in charge of putting together a memorable night for all of the student body. And for that reason, we can thank ASB as a whole for the countless amount of time put into these social events and for making them the best.