Two Concussions for Tua


Mitchell Turner, Staff Writer

Tua, the starting quarterback for the Miami Dolphins, has got two concussions way too close to each other. The doctors thought that he was not going to be able to play anymore. This is because the first concussion he got he was stumbling back to the line of scrimmage. But on the second one he got hit and could not get back up, also his fingers were bending weirdly as he said. If he gets another concussion he might be out forever.

Even though he got two concussions he did not want to go to the sidelines as he states, “Obviously, I came to the sideline after those plays. Those things that happened are things I shouldn’t be doing.“He said these things because he is the captain of the Dolphins. Also, he leads the offense and the offense has not been doing the same as they were doing before he got the two concussions.

The next game the dolphins played after Tua got hurt they lost by seven points and he said to his coach, “Immediately the next series after the first time he did it, he was like ‘Coach, I’m sorry. I needed that.’ I was like ‘All right,’” McDaniel said. Tua took that loss on himself because he feels that if he had been there they might have won. But one of the reasons why Tua has gotten his concussions is because he does not slide when he is running the ball he runs into the defensive players and they hit him hard and he gets concussions. The Dolphin’s head coach states, “I’m never going to totally encourage that at all. I’m probably going to advise him to slide every time. But when push comes to shove and a guy has the ball in his hands, it’s going to be tough to get him to completely turn it down, although I will try,” McDaniel added.

Tua had his first game yesterday night since his concussion. All of the players and coaches were scared every time he would run the ball because the last time he ran the ball he did not slide and that’s why he got the concussion. Yesterday when he was playing he ran the ball four times and did not slide on any of them and got hit on all of them. All the players and coaches got very scared when he got hit hoping he would not get another concussion. Luckily he did not get a concussion. His teams were even concerned for him as stated, “Man, in my head I was like, ‘Get down, boy. Get down,’” wide receiver Tyreek Hill said. “But it shows the amount of pride he has in this game. Just him coming back from that scary injury he had, him diving head first, going against a linebacker. That was crazy. I was like, ‘Let’s go.” Even though they won the game the coach and teammates are telling him to get down because they need him and don’t want him to get hurt again.