Horror Movie “Smile” Review

Horror Movie Smile Review

Noah Keith Spencer, Staff Writer

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Smile! As the Halloween season comes to a close to introducing us to the holly jolliest time of the year, let’s squeeze in a quick horror movie review! Today’s movie is the 2022 hit called “Smile.” A basic rundown of the movie goes down like this (spoilers ahead and mentions of suicide, don’t read further if you are not in the right place), A psychiatrist interviews a woman who is being harassed by a demon that lives on through jumping from one person to the next by making the possessed person commit suicide in front of another person to traumatize and possess them too. And wouldn’t you know it… The woman kills herself in front of the poor psychiatrist and she is now going to be harassed by the demon too. Throughout the movie, the main character Rose Cotter (Psychiatrist Lady) gets progressively worse hallucinations and is beginning to look insane among her peers and then one of the most unexpected things happen… HER CAT GOES MISSING and is not mentioned until she goes to her nephew’s birthday party to find her dead cat in the box and she falls in disbelief breaking down saying it wasn’t her onto a glass coffee table where it cuts to her on a hospital bed with her boss walking into the room. Her boss says that he is genuinely concerned and that she will be required to take paid leave to “clear her head.” Then the hallucinations get worse and worse till she gets to the point where she investigates the suicides connected to the mentally ill woman who committed suicide in front of Rose to finally try and put a stop to this “curse.” As she goes down the trail of crumbs to find the root of this “demon” she concluded that the only way to cast the demon out and save lives was to confront her childhood trauma of her mother dying of an overdose and not doing anything to save her. As she approaches her childhood home alone to confront the demon, her partner that helped investigate the suicides came to follow her which gave the demon another “entry point” to escape. What happens then is that Rose tries to burn down her house which ends up being another hallucination and she ends up getting 100% taken over by the demon and burns herself alive in front of her partner where the movie promptly ends. In my honest opinion, the movie could have been way better if the writing was not completely meta or the design of the actual demon itself was not similar to Micheal Jackson but the concept of the movie itself was very sound. For those reasons, I would recommend a solid 7/10. File:SNice.svg - Wikipedia