What happens when we turn 18?



Mariia Nazarenko, Staff Writer

When a teenager turns 18, almost nothing changes except now they are stated to be an adult, meaning they have much more responsibilities. Most high schoolers turn 18 in their senior year, and they don’t understand that now all of their actions are going to leave a significant mark on their future. They still are just kids that are going to mess around and think that nothing bad is going to happen to them and that their mother and father are always going to save them from their mistakes. But this is just not true, it’s obvious. Now that they are adults, they have a lot of responsibilities and they need to understand that they are the ones who going to suffer from their decisions and nobody is 100% going to be there to help them all the time. 

18 years old for a teenager is a new life stage.  New things start happening for them.  For example, school ends and you might be attending college. You have to think about where you will be in the real world. A lot of their attention is riveted on the university and the future specialty. But let’s not be so categorical.  In the lives of young people, there are many things that happen exactly at 18 years old.  Someone has a first love, someone gets a driver’s license, someone is finally allowed to fly abroad himself, etc. There is a huge scope for an adult.  The main thing is that the path does not lead the young person in the wrong direction.  Therefore, you need to know the things that you need to do at 18 and which are simply forbidden for young people.

At the age of 18-22, a person stops relying on his parents and begins to think about how he can start providing for himself.  When a school student thinks about work, he knows nothing about it.  Teenagers try to earn extra money as promoters, and waiters.  But there is no need to think about serious work. Lucky for those who have already decided on their future profession.  He purposefully reaches new heights.  And for those who are not interested in any specialty at the time, it will be much more difficult to find their way. It is important to choose the right specialty for you.  To do this, you need to think about what the young man likes.  Don’t mindlessly follow your friends or try to please your parents.  After all, literally 4 years will pass, and views can completely change.  At the age of 22, a student graduates from the university and goes on an adult voyage.














When you turn 18, there are a lot of new things you can do now. You can sign contracts, work full-time, get married, vote, and even go to clubs. People at age of 18 don’t think that their actions can seriously impact their future and leave a mark. They just want to relax, party and do other things. What they are not getting is that now they can go to prison and no one can help them except the lawyers. I agree that not everyone who turns 18 is being careless but most of them are silly. If you’ll do something illegal, it will seriously affect your life. For example, you won’t get a good job because you’ll have a record which means that it will be very hard to get a good job and earn a good amount of money. 

Benign 18 means that you need to be careful and make your life what you want it to be. You can experience new things and only you can make your life full of enjoyment and become what you want to be.